10 Facts About Pre-cum (Pre-ejaculate fluid)

Interesting facts about pre-cum.

Interesting facts about pre-cum.

If you ever wanted to know more about pre-cum or pre-ejaculate fluid, then you are reading the right article. Pre-cum, which is formally called pre-ejaculate fluid or pre-ejaculatory fluid, is that clear and viscous liquid which oozes out of the tip of a man’s penis when he is sexually aroused. But there is more to pre-cum than that. Below are some of the most interesting facts about pre-cum (pre-ejaculate fluid):

Pre-cum can make a woman pregnant

People often take for granted the ability of pre-cum to make a woman pregnant. But what they don’t know is the fact that pre-cum can make a woman pregnant if it enters into her vagina or even drops on her vulva. Pre-cum itself doesn’t have sperm in it when it is produced. But somewhere along the line – as it moves through the urethra, leftover sperm in the urethra can mix with it and be released. It is the leftover sperm from the urethra that sometimes mixes with pre-cum making pre-cum capable of making a woman pregnant when introduced into her vagina.

Although pregnancy from pre-cum isn’t very common, it is likely. Read more about pre-cum and pregnancy here: How Pre-cum Can Make A Woman Pregnant.

Pre-cum comes from the Cowper’s gland

Oftentimes people think that pre-cum and sperm come from the same place – the testicles of a man. But the fact is that pre-cum and sperm do not come from the same place. Sperm is produced in a man’s testicles whereas pre-cum is produced in a man’s Cowper’s glands. A man’s Cowper’s glands can be found at the top of his urethra – below his prostate. Although pre-cum and sperm come from different places, they both travel through the urethra in order to come out of the penis.

Pre-cum makes guys get wet just like women when they are sexually aroused

When a woman is sexually aroused or excited, her vagina starts to lubricate, thereby making her ‘wet’. This natural lubrication of the vagina is very important during masturbation or vaginal sex since it makes penetration easier and more pleasurable. The same kind of natural lubrication happens to guys when they get sexually aroused. As soon as a man gets aroused, the pre-cum or pre-ejaculate fluid is released to provide lubrication for his penis. This natural lubricant plays a very important role as a lubricant during sexual activity – whether masturbation or vaginal or anal sex.

Pre-cum protects sperm passing through the urethra

One of the most important functions of pre-cum is to protect sperm from hostile environments, thereby, thereby improving the chances of the survival of the sperm. When sperm is released, it travels through the urethra before it comes out of the tip of the penis. But sometimes if the sperm are not strong enough, the acidic nature of the urethra caused by urine can kill them. This is where pre-cum begins to perform its role of protecting the sperm. The pre-cum neutralizes the urethra’s acidity, thereby creating a more conducive environment for the sperm to pass through. Pre-cum is capable of neutralizing the acidic nature of the urethra simply because it is an alkaline.

Pre-cum protects sperm in the vagina

Just like the urethra, the vagina can also be acidic. Sometimes the acidic nature of the vagina can weaken or even kill some sperm. Here too, pre-cum comes to the aid of the sperm. During penetration, a substantial amount of pre-cum is discharged into the woman’s vagina awaiting the arrival of the sperm. While waiting for the sperm to be introduced into the vagina, the pre-cum helps in reducing the acidity in the vagina, thereby creating a more friendly and favorable environment in the vagina for the survival of the sperm.

Not all men produce the same volume of pre-cum

The amount of pre-cum produced during sexual arousal vary from man to man. Some men can produce just a drop of pre-cum during arousal whereas others can produce a significant amount – several milliliters of pre-cum. The volume of pre-cum a man produces normally depends on a lot of factors such as the age of the man and the intensity of his sexual arousal. This is the reason why too much foreplay before sex often leaves most men producing large amounts of pre-cum.

Not all men produce pre-cum

Despite the important roles pre-cum plays in human reproduction, it might interest you to know that not all men are capable of producing pre-cum when they are sexually aroused. Some men never produce any pre-cum or pre-ejaculate fluid no matter how sexually aroused they become. It is worth noting that only a tiny percentage of men do not release pre-cum from their Cowper’s glands.

Pre-cum can transmit HIV and STDs

Pre-cum is capable of transmitting HIV and sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and cytomegalovirus. Initially, doctors were not hundred percent certain whether HIV could exist in the pre-ejaculate or pre-cum of infected men, but today several studies have shown us that when a man is infected with the HIV virus, his pre-cum can contain HIV which can then be spread to another person if his pre-cum gets in contact with his sexual partner’s mucous membranes, which line places such as the rectum, vagina, urethra, etc. The proper use of a condom can prevent pre-cum from transmitting STDs and HIV from an infected man to his sexual partner.

Majority of men have tasted their own pre-cum

Believe it or not, but as gross as it may sound, most men have tasted their own pre-cum. Although many guys would not admit it to anyone, many of them have (out of curiosity) tasted their own pre-cum during masturbation. If you are a guy reading this, the likelihood that you have tasted your own pre-cum is extremely high. I guess it tasted salty, didn’t it?

Other names for pre-cum

Other common names for pre-cum besides pre-ejaculate fluid and pre-ejaculatory fluid include pre-ejaculate, Cowper’s fluid and pereseminal fluid. The most common name so far is pre-cum, which is often used during informal settings.

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