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Welcome to ErosLifestyle.com, it’s a web portal providing info regarding Sexual Wellness; our aim is to produce the simplest information possible to make sure you decide on the best sexual accessories available on the market.

 Why ErosLifestyle.com?

Well, there are plenty of websites on the internet concerning Eros Lifestyle, and related accessories. However, most of the websites are covering the essential Eros Lifestyle topics, We believed we could do even better. Helping people to make sure more safety, security and a better sexual life.

We are passionate on this subject, and continuously publish new themes and resources on the websites.

We also want you to have a comprehensive and detailed guide to lifestyle.

What to Expect?

This is a community of  Adult People, under the supervision of mine; we are providing new interesting articles and reviews regularly.

How Can You Help ErosLifestyle.com?

We make sure that the ErosLifestyle.com are being reviewed and recommended on our site are really high quality. We don’t compromise with quality, cause we want our friends to use only the best products.

However, there is some limitation, we research and test the products for a shorter period of time, and write on this blog what we think about the particular products.

As a user, you might know better than us, and help us providing your experience. We will be really glad to include your comment within the article. You can also send us detailed reviews, and picture of the particular product to us, and we will feature you on our site. One important notification: Our site is NOT a pornographic one. Only serious comments are accepted.

Our Promise

At ErosLifestyle.com, we’re committed to build the best eros lifestyle resources on the Internet, including, Sex Toys Reviews, Sexual Wellness, Safe Sex, Men Tips, Women Tips, etc.

Topics We Are Covering (Few are remaining)

  • Sex Toys Review
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Safe Sex
  • Men Tips
  • Women Tips

Thanks for visiting this about us page. If you have any question, feel free to contact us. We would love to get back to you.


Eros Lifestyle Team