Common Condom Mistakes Men Make

The most common condom mistakes that people make.

The most common condom mistakes that people make.

When it comes to the use of condom during intercourse, it is imperative that a man wear the condom and use it in the right way during the intercourse. Failure to do this makes the condom almost useless. And of course we all know how dangerous it can be when a condom isn’t worn the right way or used the way it is supposed to be used during intercourse.

Why do we use condoms during sex?

When a condom is worn during intercourse, it prevents unwanted pregnancy and protects against sexually transmitted infections. These are the reasons why men wear condoms when having sex with their partners.

But sadly, sometimes due to ignorance or being carried away by too much passion, many men use condoms the wrong way during sexual intercourse, thereby rendering the presence of the condom useless and increasing their risks of impregnating their female partners or catching or spreading a sexually transmitted infection.

In this article we shall take a look at some of the most common condom mistakes that men make when using a condom during sexual intercourse.

10 common condom mistakes men make

Of course not wearing a condom at all during sexual intercourse happens to be the biggest condom mistake that anyone could ever make. But even when you avoid this grave mistake by wearing one, there are still other mistakes that you might be making. These mistakes include the following:

Opening the condom wrapper the wrong way

The right way to open a condom wrapper.

The right way to open a condom wrapper.

Sometimes as a result of sheer ignorance or just being totally controlled by the intense passion to have sex, guys sometimes open condom wrappers the wrong way, thereby damaging the condoms. It is wrong to use something sharp such as blade or your teeth to open a condom wrapper since that will only increase the chances of the condom getting damaged. The best way to go about opening a condom is to use your fingers to carefully tear along the edge. It is a risky move to use your teeth or something sharp to open a condom wrapper. Never do this!

Wearing two condoms (double-bagging)

double bagging

When a man puts on more than one condom to have sex, we call that double-bagging. Sometimes some men want to be extremely careful when having sex that they decide to put on two condoms or more. They feel that if one condom offers protection, then wearing two or more condoms will offer extra protection. But sadly this isn’t true. Wearing two condoms during sexual intercourse can be a very risky thing to do since it can lead to serious friction between the two condoms. And when this happens, a break might occur in either one or both of the condoms making it easier for sperm to leak out or for sexually transmitted infections to spread. This is why it is imperative that you never use two condoms since this offers less protection.

Wearing a condom inside out before getting it the right way

wearing condom inside out

Studies have shown that a significant number of men often make the mistake of wearing condoms inside out before realizing their mistake and then going on to wear it the right way. Why is this a risky thing to do?

It is a risky thing to do simply because when a man begins wearing the condom the wrong way (inside out), but then realizes his mistake and then flips it over to wear it the right way, his pre-ejaculate fluid (popularly known as pre-cum) would have made contact with the outside of the condom when he wore it inside out. Since the outside of the condom enters into the woman’s vagina, the woman can get pregnant.

It is worth noting that although pre-cum or pre-ejaculate fluid doesn’t always get a woman pregnant, sometimes it can. According to scientists, although pre-cum normally contains dead sperm or no sperm, sometimes it can actually contain sperm that is alive and make a woman pregnant. Where does the living sperm in pre-cum come from? According to research, the living sperm in pre-cum can come from sperm exiting in the man’s reproductive system that makes its way into his pre-cum.

Putting on a condom too late


Another common condom mistake is when the condom is worn too late – after foreplay. The thing with foreplay is that more often than not, it involves a certain amount of penetration or the coming together of the genitals of the sex partners. Unfortunately many couples don’t realize this since they are carried away by the heat of the moment. And even though during this time, the man hasn’t ejaculated, we all know that a man’s pre-ejaculate fluid can contain living sperm. Now, if this pre-cum or pre-ejaculate fluid makes its way into the woman’s vagina, this can easily lead to the woman getting pregnant. Also, it can lead to a sexually transmitted infection. This is the reason why it is a bad idea to wait for foreplay before putting on a condom.

Totally unrolling the condom before wearing it


This is another common mistake some men make when it comes to wearing a condom. When you completely unroll a condom before wearing it, three things can happen. The first thing is the fact that it makes it much more difficult to wear the condom. The second thing is that the chance of something sharp such as the finger nails breaking the condom is massively increased. And we all know the consequences of using a ripped condom during sexual intercourse. The third thing that can happen is that the condom wouldn’t fit around the penis properly and might sag. When this happens, the chances of the condom slipping off during intercourse would be massively increased.

All the problems mentioned above can be avoided if the man avoids completely rolling the condom before putting it on his penis.

So what is the right way to go about doing it?

The condom is supposed to be rolled down onto the penis and not completely rolled out before putting it on the penis. It is as simple as that.

Not allowing room at the tip of the condom


When a guy fails to allow room or space to exist between the tip of his penis and the tip of the condom, then he is making a major condom mistake. Leaving space at the tip of a condom is very important since this space is where the cum will be collected after ejaculation. Failure to leave space at the tip of the condom will of course provide no room for the cum. This easily makes it to spill out of the sides of the condom – especially if the cum released is plenty.

Failing to squeeze air from the tip of the condom

Some guys put on a condom never bothering to check whether there is air trapped at the tip of the condom or not. If there is air trapped at the tip of the condom, this massively increases the likelihood of the condom breaking during intercourse. This is the reason why it is always advisable to gently squeeze the tip of the condom while putting it on and then going on to gently squeeze the air from the tip.

Failure to use lubrication


When you use a condom without lubrication, you are asking for trouble – especially if the sexual intercourse lasts for a very long time. Failure to use lubrication causes too much friction during penetration. And too much friction easily causes the condom to tear, thereby rendering it useless.

Using the wrong lubricant


Another grave condom mistake that tends to render condoms useless is using the wrong lubricant with the condom. It is a risky thing to use oil or any oil-based lube with latex condoms. But sadly, many people make this grave mistake. When you use oil or any oil-based lube with condom, the oil can easily damage the rubber. Oil and latex condoms are not compatible. The moment oil gets into contact with latex condoms, it starts eating away at the condom and creating tiny holes in it. You can read more about why oil is bad for condoms by visiting this article: Why Oil Is A Bad Lube For Condoms.

Waiting too long after ejaculating to withdraw and remove the condom

Some men wait way too long after ejaculating to withdraw from their partners and remove the condom they are wearing. The problem with doing this is the fact that it can lead to accidental spillage of semen into the woman, thereby increasing the risk of STD and pregnancy. The reason why it is advisable for a man to quickly withdraw from his partner and take his condom off after he ejaculates is because of the fact that the average man loses his erection seconds after he has ejaculated. When this happens, the penis of course becomes softer and smaller, thereby making the condom become too big for it. This can lead to semen spilling out from the condom or the condom slipping off from the penis.


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