Dental Dams and Oral Sex

Dental dams and oral sex.

Dental dams and oral sex.

Today’s article is all about the importance of dental dams during oral sex. Hopefully at the end of this article, you would understand why you should always have oral sex using a dental dam.

To begin with, let’s first find out what a dental dam is. A dental dam is a very thin sheet of rubber (usually made of latex) that is mainly used by dentists and safe sex practitioners.

Dentists use dental dams when working on the teeth of their patients. In a dentist’s office, a dental dam is held over a tooth or teeth going to be worked on in order to prevent saliva in the mouth from interfering with the work being done on the teeth. It is also used to prevent materials from being swallowed by the patient while the dentist works on the teeth.

But are we really interested in the work a dental dam does in the dentist’s office?

I guess not. What we are interested in is the role a dental dam plays during sex. In the world of safe sex, dental dams play a very important role in reducing one’s risk of contracting or spreading a sexually transmitted infection during cunnilingus (using the lips and mouth to stimulate a woman’s vagina) and anilingus (rimming).

The dental dam is just placed over the woman’s vulva or anus so that the lips or mouth do not have direct contact with these places during oral stimulation.

Dental dams can be purchased in many stores around you. You can get them at the pharmacy around you or even at that clinic near you. Sex shops also offer for sale different types of dental dams with different flavors.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to purchase one, you can easily make one at home using a condom or a latex glove.

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How to use a dental dam during oral sex

Using a dental dam during oral sex is quite easy. All you need to do is place the dam over your partner’s anus or vulva and lick or stimulate the place through the dam. The dental dam basically should come between your mouth or tongue and your partner’s anus or vulva so that during the licking or stimulating process, your mouth, tongue or lips do not have direct physical contact with your partner’s orifice. It just works in protecting against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases like a condom does.

Steps involved in using a dental dam during oral sex (cunnilingus and analingus)

  1. Before using the dam, make sure you examine it very well for any holes or punctures. You can do this by pouring some water on it and seeing whether the water passes through. If water sips through it, then it is obvious it has a puncture in it. Do not use a punctured dental dam.
  2. Lubricate the dam with a lubricant. I advise that you use a water-based lubricant instead of an oil-based lubricant during the lubrication process. The reason why it is not advisable to use oil-based lubricants is because of the fact that these lubricants can easily compromise the integrity of the dam thereby creating a tear or puncture in it. For example, once I deliberately lubricated my dam with baby oil to see what would happen. After applying the oil on the dam and using it, I inspected it and noticed it had developed some very tiny holes in it. If you want to be safe, then always use a water-based lubricant.
  3. After the lubrication process, place the dam over your partner’s vulva or anus and use your hands to hold it in place while you lick away or eat away. Sometimes the lubricant on it helps the dam to stay in place while you carry on with your business. Sometimes some people using dental dams for the first time send me messages saying that they find it challenging letting the dam stay in place while performing oral sex. Well if you are new to this and experience difficulty in making the dam stay in place, then you can you can go to your nearest sex toy shop and purchase a dental dam belt which when attached to the dam helps it stay in place as you perform oral sex on your partner. For me and many other experienced dental dam users out there, the dental dam belt isn’t really needed because experience has taught us how to make the dam stay in place while we go about our pleasurable business.


  • Just like condoms, dental dams should not be used more than once. For example, you buy a dental dam and use it to have oral sex with your partner in the morning, please don’t wash and reuse that same dental dam to have oral sex again. Just throw it away and get a new one. Besides they are some of the cheapest things in the world.
  • Do not flip a dental dam over to the other side when using it. If you do this, then it becomes pointless using the dam as it is going to offer you no protection.
  • Always use a new dam each time you switch from one activity to another. For example, if you were initially engaging in anal-oral sex (anilingus) and want to switch to vaginal-oral sex (cunnilingus), then use a new dam. Don’t use the same dam to engage in both analingus and cunnilingus.
  • If after using a dental dam on your anus or vulva, you start developing rashes in these areas, then you should know that you are allergic to the latex material used in making the dam. In that case, you should try using other types of dental dams made of different materials such as silicone or polyurethane.
  • Last but not least, when you purchase dental dams, try not to expose them to heat. If you expose your dental dam to heat, then the dam can be weakened by the heat and develop tears.

Many think that when you use a dental dam during oral sex, it takes away the pleasure from the act because your lips and mouth don’t have direct contact with your partner’s anus or vagina but this isn’t true. While it is true that there’s no direct contact when you use dental dams, it in no way takes away the pleasure of rimming or eating a pussy. Some say the presence of the dental dam even adds an additional pleasure to the activity. Sometimes I think this is true.

How a dental dam protects you during oral sex

The main reason why we use dental dams during oral sex (both cunnilingus and analingus) is to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. These dams are able to protect the people involved in oral sex by allowing oral stimulation of the vulva or the anus and preventing bodily fluids from one partner getting to the other partner.

Can I Make My Own Dental Dam For Oral Sex?

If for some reason you can’t buy a dam, then you can simply make one from the comfort of your home using either a condom or a latex glove. It is very simple and can take you some few minutes to make one.

Making a dental dam using a condom.

Making a dental dam using a condom.

This is how to make a dental dam using a condom

  1. Gently remove the condom from its package and unroll it to its full length.
  2. Then use a pair of scissors to cut off both the tip and bottom band of the condom. The condom will now look like a pipe with large openings at both ends.
  3. Since you want the condom to become a rectangular sheet, all you need to do is use your pair of scissors to cut open one side of the condom so you can spread it out like a sheet.
  4. You now have in your hands an effective condom-made dental dam that you can place on any vulva or anus for oral sex.

NOTE: It’s advisable not to make dental dams from condoms that have been treated with spermicide because they have a bad taste in the mouth.


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