Does Masturbation Affect Your Relationship?

masturbation and your relationshipCan your romantic relationship be affected if you constantly masturbate? Is masturbation bad for your romantic relationship?

These are just some of the common questions asked by many people when it comes to the topic of masturbation.

If you frequently masturbate, then there is a high likelihood that these questions have probably crossed your mind once or twice.

Over the years, one of the biggest misconception or myth about masturbation is that it can affect a person’s relationship. By affecting a relationship, we are talking about masturbating causing a person who is in a romantic relationship to have a decreased appetite for sex with his or her partner. Basically what this myth about masturbation says is that if you are in a romantic relationship with someone, stay away from masturbation simply because masturbation would end up decreasing your desire to have sex with your partner and this would eventually lead to problems in the relationship. But is this really true? Does masturbation affect your relationship with your partner? The answer is a very big NO. It’s not true that people who masturbate frequently or regularly face problems in their romantic relationships on account of the masturbation.

Why am I so sure that masturbation doesn’t hurt your relationship?

The reason I am sure about this is because of two reasons: The first reason is the fact that numerous studies conducted on masturbation have shown that masturbation doesn’t affect your romantic relationship in any way. If anything, it rather betters the relationship (how masturbation spices up a relationship will be discussed later).

The second reason is the fact that I (the writer of this post) am in a wonderful romantic relationship with a special someone and I also masturbate a lot (at least once every day) but over the years my addiction to masturbation hasn’t affected my relationship in any negative way.

These are the two major reasons why I am more than confident to tell you that if you masturbate and are in a relationship and are wondering how to stop masturbating because you fear it’ll negatively affect your relationship, then you need to have no fears because your relationship is not going to affected in a negative way by your masturbation. Carry on masturbating without any fears of it negatively affecting your relationship.

does masturbation affect your relationship

How masturbation helps your relationship instead of destroying it

Like I said earlier, numerous studies conducted over the world rubbish the claim that masturbation affects a relationship negatively. These studies support the fact that masturbation is healthy in the average person’s relationship.

The million-dollar question now is: why does masturbation actually help your relationship?

There are a number of reasons for this:

First, studies have found out that married women, who engaged in frequent masturbation that saw them achieving orgasms, enjoyed their sex lives in their marriages more than married women who rarely masturbated.

And we all know that one of the most important elements for every relationship or marriage to work well is for the couples to have a good sex life. Simply put, sex must be enjoyed in a relationship for it to be a blissful and lasting relationship. Many relationships die prematurely because of sex-related issues. Maybe the guy isn’t getting any satisfaction from having sex with the woman or vice versa. Now, if masturbation helps to solve this problem, then it goes without saying that masturbation can play an important role in building a relationship and making it last longer.

The second reason why masturbation is healthy for a romantic relationship is the fact that it plays a very important role in helping a person relieve sexual tension and achieve sexual pleasure when their partner is not available for sex or is in a state where sex with them is impossible. For example a husband can easily grab his penis and masturbate away when he can’t have sex with his wife because she is ill or has just given birth.

In the absence of masturbation, the likelihood of one partner going in for another person to help them achieve sexual pleasure or relieve sexual tension is very high. Can you imagine what a guy would do if his woman were not available for sex or couldn’t have sex due to illness and he couldn’t masturbate to satisfy himself sexually? Such a guy would be forced to cheat on his partner, which would automatically jeopardize his relationship with his woman.

NOTE: It’s important to note that although what I said above is totally true, it doesn’t mean that people masturbate only when they can’t get real sex in their lives because they are single and don’t have real sex partners. This is another common misconception about masturbation. If this were true, then people like yours truly, who are in serious relationships, or married couples wouldn’t masturbate. The main reason why a person would masturbate is because they want to get sexual pleasure, hopefully to the point of orgasm. It doesn’t really have any solid thing to do with whether they are single or not. People masturbate whether they are single or not simply because masturbation is pleasurable.

The third reason why masturbation can be enormously healthy for a relationship is because the more we masturbate, the more we learn about our sexuality (especially for women). When you masturbate frequently, you are able to learn what is most pleasing to you erotically. You get to know the places of your body or sex organ, which when touched or stimulated in a certain way feels good and helps you reach orgasm quickly. Simply put, the more you masturbate, the more you learn how to enjoy sex and have orgasm quickly. When you have found out what is erotically pleasing to you thanks to masturbation and you let your partner know about it, then the two of you can easily increase the pleasure you both derive from sex and strengthen your relationship the more. Remember I said earlier that frequently having good sex is one of the best things that strengthen any romantic relationship. This is the reason why sex therapists often advice some of their patients to engage in frequent mutual masturbation in order to enhance the satisfaction they get from having sex with their partners.

If you are wondering what mutual masturbation is, wonder no more. Mutual masturbation, as the name implies, is the process whereby two or more people engage in masturbation in front of each other. For example, here is what my woman and I normally do during mutual masturbation:

We both get partially naked or completely naked and lie down or sit opposite each other while we play with our sex organs. I grab my penis, pour some lubricant in my palm and start stimulating it. My woman watches me while she also reaches for her coochie and starts stroking or rubbing her clitoris. As she stimulates her clitoris she occasionally deeps one or more of her fingers into her vagina and strokes it. She sometimes uses a vibrator or a dildo to stimulate her vagina and clitoris while she plays with her breasts. Mutual masturbation can be extremely fun. I must say that the excitement my woman and I get from mutual masturbation is always enormous. In another post we shall delve deeper into mutual masturbation so watch out for that post.

My conclusion on masturbation and your relationship

If you are in a committed or in a serious relationship and you masturbate frequently, there’s nothing wrong with you and there’s absolutely no way it will adversely affect your relationship with your partner. Masturbation is a perfectly normal thing to do whether you are in a relationship or are single. Masturbation is medically healthy and perfect for your romantic relationship. As you have seen from the post, masturbation has a greater chance of strengthening your relationship than it does of destroying it – especially in situations where one of the partners wants more sex than the other. In this situation, masturbation helps solve the problem and thus brings about harmony in the relationship.

My final words to readers with regards to masturbation

Go ahead and masturbate without any worries whenever you feel the urge to do so. You can masturbate solo or with your partner in the form of mutual masturbation.

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