Female Sex Tourism

female sex tourists

Every year hundreds of thousands of female sex tourists travel to various holiday destinations to engage in sex tourism.

If you thought sex tourism was something done by men only, then you are so wrong. You should know that it is not only men that do this. These days a lot of women also engage in sex tourism.

But what exactly does sex tourism mean? As the name implies, sex tourism is where someone travels to a foreign country purposely to have fun and engage in romance and sexual activities with the natives of the foreign land he or she finds himself in. Someone who does this is considered a sex tourist.

Initially, we all thought that it was mainly men that engaged in sex tourism, but today we know that a lot of women also fly abroad to engage in sex tourism. It is believed that over 600,000 women from all over the world engage in sex tourism every year. Majority of these women come from western countries (mainly North America and Western Europe) and travel to countries that are less developed. For most of these female sex tourists, the main motive for traveling is to look for a holiday romance and sex with the local men who are often sex workers or gigolos and come from impoverished places.

The local men with whom these female sex tourists hook up with often provide sex and companionship in exchange for money, gifts, food, drinks, etc.

In Jamaica, which is currently the biggest destination for female sex tourism all over the world, the local men who provide companionship and sex for the female tourists are popularly known as Beach Boys or Rastitutes.

It is worth noting that not all the gigolos in poorer countries that service wealthy women from developed countries do so in exchange for money or gifts. Some of these local gigolos service these female sex tourists simply because they consider them to be exotic and enjoy the experience and thrill. Many of these local men have never been with a white woman before and therefore jump at the slightest opportunity to romance them.

Which types of women engage in sexual tourism and where do they come from?

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the majority of women that engage in sex tourism are from the developed countries of the world – mainly the United States and Europe. These female sex tourists are often middle-aged, single, white women and tend to have problems with low self-esteem.

female sex tourism

Why would a woman go abroad looking for sex and love?

There are so many reasons why a woman would wake up one day, leave her home, and fly abroad as a sex tourist. Some of the most common reasons why these women do this are as follow:

Looking for love and companionship

Majority of the women that eventually become sex tourists tend to find it difficult finding romantic relationships with men in their home countries. Some of these women also find themselves in relationships they are not happy with because their men don’t respect or treat them right. They therefore travel to poorer countries where there exoticness and wealth make them appealing to men of all ages. For example, a white female sex tourist in her 50s who travels to a poorer country like Jamaica looking for a holiday romance finds it very easy finding a younger and handsome gigolo or beach boy to hook up with and make her feel special and needed.

Sex is easier to find and extremely cheap

Another common reason why many female sex tourists travel to foreign countries for sex is because of how extremely easy it is for them to find sex at extremely cheaper rates. Famous female sex tourism destinations such as Jamaica, Barbados, Kenya, Phuket in Thailand, Dominican Republic, and Senegal have a growing number of gigolos or male sex workers who specialize in providing sex to female tourists in exchange for money and gifts. Since these female sex tourism destinations are poorer countries, prostitution is extremely cheap – much cheaper than in the countries where the female sex tourists come from. For example, finding a male sex worker in the United States isn’t as easy and as cheap as finding one in a place like Jamaica or Kenya. As a result of very cheap prostitution in these places, with little money, these female sex tourists can easily hook up with as many young and good looking local men as possible.

The thrill of having sex with young and handsome exotic men

Not every Caucasian or Western woman gets the opportunity to have sex with a young and handsome exotic man. It is a fact that many Caucasian women fantasize about how it would be like to be with a handsome, foreign man. When some of these women eventually get the opportunity to travel abroad – especially to sex tourism destinations, they take advantage of that to turn their fantasies into reality by hooking up with a local man.

sex tourism

Desperate for sex and companionship

Unfortunately for some single white women of certain ages and of certain body types, it can be quite difficult getting laid in their home country since they aren’t considered to be attractive by the men in their country. As a result of this, these women can sometimes get so desperate for sex and the company of a man that they wouldn’t mind flying abroad to a poorer country where with their money and exoticness, they are quickly accepted by the local men. In this situation, I can confidently say that these women use a single stone to kill two birds in the sense that not only do they eventually get laid by handsome and young men but they also get to enjoy sunbathing on the beach under the clear blue skies. What is better than this?

The freedom to be promiscuous and wild

Some female sex tourists travel abroad because being far away from home gives them the opportunity to behave in a way they would be afraid of behaving at home since people would know. But in a foreign country, since no one knows them, they can be as wild and as promiscuous as they want to be and none of their friends or family members would ever know. For example, a 60-year-old divorcee can go abroad and pay for sex with a local male sex worker young enough to be her grandson and no one back home would ever know about this. A female sex tourist has total freedom to be as wild as she wants to be.

sex tourism 2


The things mentioned above are some of the most common reasons why over the years there has been a sharp increase in the numbers of women traveling to underdeveloped and poorer countries to meet with local men for love and sex.

Although sex tourism is practiced by women of different ages and classes, the majority of female sex tourists are white, single, older women – some of whom are overweight. These women normally have low self-esteem and find it difficult being in romantic relationships in their developed home country. They travel to famous female sex tourism destinations hoping to find love and sex. These women end up finding ‘romance’ in these destinations. But the ‘romance’ they find with the impoverished younger men often costs them some money.

It is normally a win-win situation for both the white older woman and the younger local man. The white older woman gets to have a good time with a younger and handsome man and enjoys romantic adventures she could never enjoy in her home country. On the other hand, the younger, local man (whether a sex worker or not) not only has a good time with the female sex tourist but also gets some money and other gifts from her for keeping her company.

white older women and black younger men

So what do I really think about female sex tourism?

Some people see something wrong with sex tourism and frown upon it. According to these people, sex tourists exploit their poor exotic lovers and spread HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. But I personally see nothing wrong with sex tourism – especially female sex tourism. On a serious note, I see nothing wrong with a lonely older woman traveling to a foreign land to have sex with a poor, local man. So far as it doesn’t involve underage people and that both parties weren’t forced into the arrangement, then it is perfectly ok. I have always wondered how sex between two consenting adults can be a sin.

If a lonely, single, older, white woman wants to travel all the way to Jamaica or Kenya or to some other poorer country for a couple of days to have wild sex and romance with young local men, who are we to judge. That’s their business. Besides, at the end of the day, both the older woman and the younger man benefit from each other’s company.

The older woman, who was once lonely, now feels happy because the younger man makes her feel special and gives her all his attention. The younger man ends up having a really good time with his older, exotic lover. He gets to stay in the best hotels with his older lover, eats and drinks for free. And on top of all this, if he is lucky, the older woman gives him a substantial amount of money.

Like I said before, at the end of the day, both parties go home with a smile on the face, and no one gets hurt.

My only advice to people engaging in sex tourism – both the sex tourists and the locals is to make sure that they put their health first in any sexual activity they engage in. By putting your health first, I am simply talking about safe sex. It is imperative that you avoid having unprotected sex with strangers since that can easily increase you risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection and HIV.  Remember to always use a condom.

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