At Home Male Fertility Testing System by Trak, 4 Sperm Count Tests Included (FSA/HSA Eligible) Review

The fact that you want to count your sperm may indicate that you’re already not too confident in the level available. Trak had this in mind when they equipped their state-of-the-art At Home Male Fertility Testing System which comes with 4 refillable tests and an app that allows you to monitor and potentially increase sperm count so that if results aren’t satisfactory the first time around you can examine fluctuations over a course of time with additional tests and make the necessary lifestyle changes. In order to help you get a better idea about this award-winning at-home sperm test kit, we have created the insightful review below for your perusal.


At Home Male Fertility Testing System by Trak, 4 Sperm Count Tests Included (FSA/HSA Eligible) with Detail Features

Easy to Use

Not only does Trak include every important thing you need to comfortably check your sperm count in the comfort and privacy of your home, but it is also is one of the easiest-to-use at-home sperm test kits.  All you need to do is take the following steps:

  • Simply collect your specimen in the disposable cup provided and wait thirty minutes before going on to swirl the sample for just 15 seconds.
  • Add a couple of drops of the collected specimen into Trak’s disposable test prop.
  • Seal the prop with the sticker it comes with and load it unto the Trak Engine, which makes use of centrifugal force to conduct the test and separate components within your specimen and give a more-accurate sperm count. Afterwards, results are displayed on a three-step scale from Low to Moderate to Optimal.

Easy-to-Understand Results

Unlike other at-home sperm tests that produce quite complex results, Trak produces results that are extremely easy to read and understand. Below are the 3 categories that Trak can place you depending on your sperm count:

  • Low: You’ll fall into this category if your sperm concentration is not above 15 M/mL. If you are in this category, it means you have a high risk of being infertile and should therefore consult your doctor.
  • Moderate: If your sperm concentration is at 55M/mL or lower, then what this means is that it might take you longer than the average man to induce conception.
  • Optimal: If your sperm concentration is higher than 55 M/mL, then you have a very high likelihood of getting a woman pregnant.

The criteria that Trak uses in reporting the above categories of sperm count are based on internationally-recognized guidelines as set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and clinical research.

Enhances Male Fertility

Another fantastic selling point of Trak is that unlike other similar products on the market, which are designed to only provide you with results, Trak will not only provide you with accurate results, but will also give you advice on the things you need to do to improve your reproductive health all from your home. So once you input your test results into Trak’s free app, if findings aren’t favorable, the software will give you recommendations to improve your lifestyle using simple measures to increase your fertility.

Encourages Sperm Testing in a Unique and Technologically-Advanced Way

Sperm counting is something that many men are reluctant to do, even if being urged on by their significant others, but Trak encourages men to induce testing in a manner that can be entertaining and encouraging through the use of an at-home centrifuge, mobile app and having a company behind you that actually cares about your reproductive health.

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  • Trak produces accurate results and is FDA cleared.
  • You don’t need any prescription in order to safely and effectively use Trak.
  • It is safe and very easy to use.
  • Comes with 4 sperm count tests.
  • It is very convenient to use and very discreet.
  • Helps you boost your sperm count and health.
  • Produces fast results that are easy to read.
  • Trak is made in the United States and is an FSA and HSA eligible item.
  • It comes at a good price, if you think of how much it would cost you to have that same test at a clinic.


  • Trak would have been better if it also had the ability to check sperm motility.
  • The device consumes too much battery power.
  • Many have complained about the sperm collection cups being pretty small.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of Trak?

A. This exceptional at-home sperm Test is manufactured by Sandstone Diagnostics located in California, United States.

Q. How accurate is Trak?

A. Trak is so advanced that the results it produces are as accurate as that of the results produced by traditional lab tests.

Q. How fast is the test?

A. It is very fast. After loading your collected sample into the testing trip, Trak will take just about 6 minutes to produce your results. It is not only fast, but also very easy.

Q. Do I need a prescription before I can use Trak?

A. No, you don’t.

Q. Can I use a condom during the process of collecting my semen specimen?

A. You should not use a condom or any form of lubricant (including saliva) during the collection process since certain agents in the lube or condom can easily alter the results.

Q. Does Trak check sperm motility as well as sperm count?

A. It checks only sperm count.

Q. What is the function of the Trak Mobile App?

A. Among other things, the free Trak mobile app will assist you in keeping track of changes that occur over time and provide you with tips and advice on important lifestyle changes you can make to significantly improve your count.

Q. Where is Trak made?

A. It is made in the United States.

Q. How discreet is the packaging?

A. The packaging, which comes unmarked, is so discreet that no one would ever know what you have bought.

Q. Does the Trak run on batteries?

A. Yes, it does.

Final Verdict

Thanks to the At Home Male Fertility Testing System by Trak, you can now increase your chances of reproductive success by knowing and monitoring your sperm count in the discreetness and comfort of your home without any interaction with a physician or lab whatsoever.

What’s our overall impression of Trak? Based on the numerous useful features that accompany this US FDA cleared male fertility test kit, we think it is worth considering for a man who wants to increase his reproductive health and maximize his likelihood of conception.

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