How Pre-cum Can Make A Woman Pregnant

Pregnancy and pre-cum

Pregnancy and pre-cum

Can pre-cum really make a woman pregnant? The answer to this question is a big YES. It is possible for pre-cum to make a woman pregnant if it comes into contact with her genitals.

But before delving into how pre-cum can make a woman pregnant, let’s first find out what pre-cum is.

What is pre-cum?

The formal name for pre-cum is pre-ejaculate fluid. It can sometimes also be called pre-ejaculatory fluid or preseminal fluid.

This fluid comes from the urethra of a man’s penis when he is sexually aroused. It is clear and colorless in nature. The clear liquid that you see at the tip of a man’s penis whenever he is sexually aroused is what is known as pre-cum. When a man is having sexual intercourse with his partner or he is just masturbating, pre-cum, as the name implies, is always produced before semen or sperm comes out of his penis during ejaculation.

This therefore means that pre-cum and sperm are two entirely different things. Sperm is produced in the testicles whereas pre-cum is produced in the Cowper’s gland. But despite the fact that pre-cum is different from sperm and naturally doesn’t contain sperm in it, it is still capable of impregnating a woman.

How does pre-cum make a woman pregnant?

Although pre-cum (in its original form) does not contain any sperm, under certain situations, a woman can become pregnant when pre-cum comes into contact with her vagina or even makes its way to her vaginal opening.

Why pre-cum can sometimes make a woman pregnant is simply because of the fact that sometimes living sperm can enter into the pre-cum as it is released. And when this pre-cum containing the sperm gets into a woman’s vagina, the sperm present in the pre-cum can easily meet with a waiting egg and fertilize it, thereby making the woman pregnant.

But if pre-cum and sperm are two different things and pre-cum naturally contains no sperm, then how is it possible that sometimes sperm makes its way into pre-cum?

During ejaculation or the releasing of sperm from a man’s penis, the sperm first comes from the man’s testicles and moves all the way through his urethra and out of his penis. But not all the sperm comes out of the urethra. Some sperm remains in the urethra. And since the urethra is the same tube that pre-cum also passes through, it goes without saying that if leftover sperm is present when pre-cum is passing through, the sperm is going to make its way into the pre-cum and be released together with it. Now, if the sperm present in the pre-cum is alive, then when the pre-cum gets into a woman’s vagina, it can easily fertilize an egg and lead to pregnancy.

This is the reason why it is not advisable to practice the withdrawal method if your aim is to prevent pregnancy. The withdrawal method or pull out method is a type of birth control method where a man has unprotected sex with a woman and quickly pulls his penis out of her vagina just before he ejaculates in order to prevent sperm from getting into the woman and making her pregnant.

The problem with the withdrawal method as a way of preventing pregnancy is that during vaginal penetration a lot of pre-cum enters into the vagina. Now, if the pre-cum contains living leftover sperm from the urethra, pregnancy can easily occur whether the man successfully pulls out of the woman before ejaculation or not.

It is worth noting that while pre-cum can make a woman pregnant, the likelihood of this happening isn’t very huge since studies have shown that the majority of pre-cum has no sperm in it or contains sperm that is dead. But of course if a man has just ejaculated, the likelihood of a life sperm existing in his pre-cum is significantly higher than a man who hasn’t had an ejaculation in a while.

How to prevent sperm from being released along with pre-cum

If you are a man looking for the best way to prevent leftover sperm from being released along with pre-cum, you should know that all you need to do is urinate after you have ejaculated. When you urinate a couple of times after ejaculation, the urine (which also passes through the urethra) will wash away all the leftover sperm from the urethra, thereby making the urethra free of sperm.

When you have flushed from your urethra sperm from a previous ejaculation through urination, then the likelihood of sperm finding its way into your pre-cum is significantly reduced or becomes impossible.

Only when you have done this does it become safe to use the withdrawal method as a form of contraceptive during vaginal intercourse without bothering about pregnancy. However, if your aim is to prevent STDs too, then I strongly recommend the use of a condom. Condom will not only prevent unplanned pregnancies but it will also protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Before I sign off, it is imperative that readers know that pre-cum can transmit sexually transmitted diseases. An example of a dangerous sexually transmitted infection that can exist in pre-cum is HIV.

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