How to Shave Off Back Hair – for Females

Back hair, like leg and hand hair, is one of the things that most ladies have to manage on a regular basis, given our modern society’s construction of what is and is not beautiful. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the various ways that ladies can shave hair off their backs.

Causes of Back Hair

Before we proceed, however, let’s look at three causes of hair growth on ladies’ backs. The first and most obvious is genetics: a woman may have hair on her back because she inherited it from her parents who inherited it from their parents, and so on. Perhaps, her ancestors may have a DNA make-up that causes significant amounts of hair to grow on the back. The second is hirsutism, which is an anomaly in female growth, during which hair grows in unusual places on a woman’s body. Specifically, the hair grows in body areas where men are known to grow hair. The areas include: chin, chest, neck, back, and mustache area. The third cause of back hair in women is hypertrichosis, the growth of unusual amounts of hair on the back. In fact, hypertrichosis is somewhat different from hirsutism in the sense that the former can occur on any part of the body.

Back Hair Removal Methods

Having discussed the causes of back hair growth among women, let’s explore some back hair removal methods, which usually fall under two groups — temporary and permanent. Under the temporary groups, there are methods that a lady can employ without the help of a third party — i.e. doing the removal by herself. We explore the various options in the rest of the post.

 Temporary Methods for Back Hair Removal

Ladies, you can temporarily remove those annoying hairs on your back by using either back hair shavers, hair removal creams, or wax.

  • Back hair shaver: A distinguishing feature of good back hair shavers is that they have adjustable, long handles that give you adequate reach to various parts of your back. To remove back hair using a back hair shaver, prepare your back by applying warm water to open up the pores thereon; apply a generous amount of a good shaving cream to facilitate a smooth, bump less shave; stand in-between two mirrors so that you can have a good view of your back just by tilting the mirror behind you; and, voila, start your business with the back hair shaver. You should be done in approximately twenty minutes or less. Alternatively, a partner can do the shaving for you.
  • Hair removal creams: These creams are another efficient way of getting rid of hair on your back temporarily.  They are designed to loosen your back’s hair follicles, making it easy to remove the hair with just a wipe or two of a wet cloth. To utilize removal creams, simply have a friend or partner apply an  effective hair removal cream to your back; wait for a number of minutes, which is usually stipulated on the cream’s container; and have your friend/partner use a wet cloth to wipe off the cream from your back. As your friend/partner does this, he/she will be essentially removing those hairs together with the cream. A word of caution, ladies, do not use removal creams when you have blisters on your back because the cream could aggravate them. Furthermore, do not leave the cream on your back for more than the stipulated number of minutes, as doing so can irritate your skin and make you unnecessarily uncomfortable.
  • Waxing: The last of the temporary removal methods is waxing, which is usually done in a salon by specially trained people. Usually, melted wax is applied to the back with a layer and left to sit for some minutes. Afterwards, the layer is ripped, pulling the hair on the back from its roots. While waxing can be quite painful, this is made up for by the fact that hair on the back won’t return until after some four to six weeks.

Permanent Methods for Back Hair Removal

Unlike their temporary counterparts, permanent back hair removal methods, which include laser and electrolysis, deal with your hair problem once and for all.

  • Electrolysis back hair removal: This procedure involves the insertion of an extremely light needle into the hair shaft, which will destroy the hair-producing cells at your back. Seeing as the back has a large surface area, it takes unusually longer, approximately 20 twenty minutes, to complete a session. Furthermore, you need weekly follow-up sessions throughout the year to ensure that the cells are permanently dead. Costing somewhere in the region of $40-$80 per session, electrolysis can be quite expensive. However, it surely eliminates the back hair problem.
  • Laser: This can cost an arm and a leg but it is rapid, painless, and exact. The procedure uses a special light to destroy the back hair from its roots. Typically, a laser session lasts between thirty minutes to an hour, and one often would need between four and eight laser sessions to give finality to the back hair problem. It goes without saying that you will need a trained practitioner to execute the operation.

Other Methods

In addition to the above, there are two other hair removal methods that deserve mention in this post. They are: bleaching and medication.

  • Bleaching: While bleaching the back hairs doesn’t make them go away, at least it makes them less conspicuous. To bleach, simply clean your back to get rid of impurities, mix the bleaching powder and cream according to specifications on the label, apply the mixture to your back, leave it on for the stipulated number of minutes, and rinse off. Currently, one of the most popular hair bleach creams on the market is the Jolen Creme Bleach Formula which lightens the hair on your body so that it blends perfectly with your skin tone, thereby making it difficult for the hair to be noticed.
  • Medication: Medication can also reduce the amount of hair that grows on your back. Such an outcome is achieved by lowering the level of androgens, the male hormones responsible for excess hair on the back. Be sure to check with your doctor, regarding the safety of such medicines.

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