Largest Vagina In The World

Do you know who holds the record of the largest vagina in the world.

Do you know who holds the record of the largest vagina in the world.

It’s a fact that not all vaginas are the same. Some vaginas are bigger than others.That is how it has always been since the creation of this world, and that is how it will always be! You are always going to find women with vaginas that are extraordinarily large and women with vaginas that range from small to being extraordinarily small. If you are a femal reading this article, I wonder which category you belong to. That’s just by the way.

Speaking of the different sizes of vaginas, have you ever wondered which woman has the biggest vagina in the world and how big her orifice is?

I don’t know about you, but I often think about this. And I guess that is what motivated me to write this post covering the topic of the biggest vagina in the world.

So really, who has the world’s biggest vagina?

In my quest to answer the question above, I devoted a good amount of my time doing some research – my sole aim being to find out the woman with the largest punani in the world. The search was difficult. At the end of the day, it was a somewhat fruitless and fruitful venture. Fruitless in the sense that I was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. And frruitful in the sense that I found something even more interesting.

I found out who the largest vagina ever recorded belonged to! According to the information that I received from many reputable sources, the largest vagina ever recorded in history belonged to a Canadian woman named Anna Haining Swan popularly known as just Anna Swan who lived from 1846 – 1888.

Anna reportedly had a vagina that could stretch up to 19 inches or 48.26 cm. Some readers might be exclaiming right about now to hear of a vagina stretching 19 inches or 48.26 cm long. If you excalimed in shock,  I don’t blame you for doing that since I myself was blown away by the sheer size of Anna’s snatch. We all know that the vagina is very elastic, but for it to stretch that wide is totally incredible and mind-blowing.

But then again, when you look at this from another angle, it just might not be that astonishing that Anna’s lady parts could stretch that wide considering how big Anna’s body was. Anna was extremely huge woman.

Below is a picture of Anna Swan:

Anna Swan standing between her father and mother.

Anna Swan standing between her father and mother.

You can clearly see from the picture above that Anna was not an ordinary woman. She was a very big and tall woman. Many called her a giantess. If you don’t know what a giantess is, it is a female giant. Anna’s extraordinary height made her famous all over the world. She was believed to be about 7’11” tall.

Considering the fact that Anna was a giantess, it is understandable that her vagina was that large. Anna was indeed a very remarkable woman with a remarkable vagina.

But what proof did the world have that Anna’s vagina was that large?

The proof of the astonishing size of Anna’s vagina came in 1879 after she gave birth vaginally to the largest newborn baby ever recorded. The baby, who eventually died 11 hours after birth, weighed 9.98kg and was about 28 inches tall. We all know that the biggest part of a newborn baby is its head. Anna’s extraordinary baby’s head measured in the region of 19 inches in circumference.

Now, since in the olden days c-section wasn’t very popular, Anna had to deliver that extraordinarily large baby vaginally. Can you imagine how large a woman’s vagina has to be in order to be able to deliver a baby that large!

Of course we all know that a woman’s vagina expands to an extraordinary size during childbirth, but there is absolutely no way any vagina can expand to the point where a 28-inch human being with a 19-inch head can pass through. But Anna’s vagina proved big enough for that. That was how the world got to know how large Anna’s pussy was. Isn’t that totally incredible!

Anna was later awarded a Guinness World Record for giving birth to the largest and heaviest newborn ever.

Unfortunately for Anna, she didn’t live long. She died of a heart attack at the age of 41 on August 5, 1888.

Over a century after Anna’s death, the world still recognizes this remarkable woman as the holder of the biggest vagina ever recorded.

But what about today? Who currently holds the record of the woman with the largest vagina?

How I wish I knew the answer to this question! Unfortunately I don’t, and neither does anyone. The woman who currently holds the record for the world’s largest vagina is unknown. Although many attempts have been made over the years to find out whose vagina is the biggest in the whole world, all efforts have proved futile. Finding the world’s largest vagina isn’t an easy task at all. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how that can even be achieved. Will women who believe their vaginas are larger than the average step forward to have them measured? How would it be done?

What about the case of a man sticking his head into a woman’s vagina?

A man sticking his head into a woman’s pussy is one of the most interesting and weirdest things I have watched in porn. Some readers might have also seen very weird porn videos or pictures where a porn actress’ vagina seems so large that her partner’s entire head can go inside. If you have seen some of these videos or pictures, then you might be forced to believe that the size of Anna’s vagina was nothing compared tothat of these women whose vaginas are capable of taking the entire head of a full grown man.

I want readers to take note of the fact that these weird porn pictures and videos showing men sticking their heads into vaginas are all fakes!! There is absolutely no way that a grown man’s head can be inserted into a woman’s vagina. It is absolutely impossible. No vagina is that big or can stretch that wide to accommodate the head of a full grown human. Not even Anna (who had the biggest vagina ever recorded) could accommodate the head of a man inside her vagina.

So whenever you watch a porn clip or see a picture where a man puts his entire head into a woman’s vagina, you should know that it is nothing but one huge trick meant for entertainment purposes only. They are all tricks!


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