Penis Enlargement Facts

The facts about penis enlargement.

The facts about penis enlargement.

More often than not, the penis or male organ is considered the symbol of a man’s manhood and, for that matter, a very sensitive body part. In light of this, some men go to exorbitant heights in their bid to increase both the length and girth (thickness) of their penises. In this post, therefore, we are going to explore fascinating facts about the enlargement of the male organ. We hope that you’ll find them helpful as well as entertaining. But before we do that, let us take a moment to take a quick look at the make-up of the penis.

Anatomy of the Penis

On the outside, the human male organ has a head and a shaft that connects to a scrotum, which contains testicles, which produce sperm. On the inside, things look a little different. The shaft consists of three tube-like, spongy sections, two of which pass blood to the penis to keep it erect, firm, and big when the man is aroused. These two tubes are called corpora cavernosa. The third section, which is called corpus spongiosum, and can be found at the base of the penis’ shaft and under the two other tube-like sections, precludes the urethra (a tube that carries urine, sperm, and other fluids outside of the penis) from closing/blocking during an erection.

Interesting Facts about Penis Enlargement

Now that we have looked at the structure of the male organ, let us now dive into some of the interesting facts about male enhancement that we have prepared for you below:

Many men believe that a bigger and longer penis enhances sexual prowess

A lot of men who engage in procedures to enlarge their organs normally do so because they believe that having a thicker or longer penis will enhance their sexual prowess and make them more attractive to their sexual partners. But the truth of the matter is that not all women prefer their male partners to have longer or thicker organs.

The Normal Size of a Man’s Penis

Since most men take that bold move to enlarge their organs because they believe that they are too small, perhaps we should first take some time to examine what the normal size of a penis is. According to research, on average, a man’s penis is 3.5 inches when it is not in a state of erection and about 5.1 inches when erect. At its erect length, such a penis can leave a nubile woman pleased, sexually. If this assertion is true, why then do most men go ahead to seek penis enlargement options?

Two main types of penis enlargement methods

Penis enlargement methods can be subsumed into two broad headings — the natural and the artificial. In general, natural methods are devoid of any unnatural elements while artificial methods are the exact opposite. The various options for both groups are considered in the ensuing paragraphs.

Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

Natural methods for increasing the size of the male organ include: enlargement exercises and herbs. Popular exercises to make the penis bigger include jelqing and kegel exercises.

  • Jelqing: This is sometimes also known as “milking”. It is a natural enlargement technique whereby a man repeatedly strokes and squeezes his organ with the aim of forcing blood from the base of the organ all the way to its tip so that it can increase in size. It is quite similar to someone milking a cow (which is obviously how it got its informal name “milking”). During jelqing, the man places his thumb and fore finger at the base of his penis, making a circle with both fingers. He then moves his hand in an up-down motion, as if to stroke the penis. Jelqing for about 20 minutes each day has the potential to increase the size of those tube-like, spongy sections in the penis’ shaft, thereby allowing more blood into them and increasing the size of the penis. Despite the fact that jelqing is one of the most popular natural penis enlargement techniques, there currently isn’t any scientific evidence that supports the claims that it can increase the size of the penis. Because of its natural nature, jelqing is often regarded as one of the safest ways to attempt to increase the size of the penis since its likelihood of causing severe damage to the penis is very minimal.
  • Kegel exercises: Like jelqing, kegel exercises also help to increase the flow of blood to both of the tube-like, spongy sections of the penis. The difference between the two is that kegel exercises are more internally performed while jelqing is externally performed. To perform kegel, a man must first identify his pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. He can do this by trying to prevent himself from farting or passing urine halfway. Such activities use the PC muscle. When the PC muscle has been found, he can repeat the process a number of times throughout the day (usually, 10 sets three times daily) to strengthen it.
  • Herbs: Natural herbs constitute another natural way of enlarging the size of your penis. These medicinal plants are given freely by nature and do not contain any synthetic materials. There have been claims that certain herbs can increase the size of a man’s penis by up to 5 inches. However, none of these claims have been proven by science. Some of the herbs associated with penile enlargement. Some of the most popular of these herbs include the following: ginseng, catuaba bark extract, entengo herb, hawthorn berry, damiana and maca.

Artificial Penis Enlargement Methods

Artificial penile enlargement methods comprise: enlargement pills, creams, ointments, traction, penis weights, penis surgery, and penis pumps.

  • Enlargement pills, ointments, and creams: The majority of the creams, pills, patches and ointments that claim to enlarge the human penis are primarily sold online. At present, none of these male enhancement pills and supplements has been proven to bring about permanent results when it comes to making the penis thicker or longer. These pills, creams, patches and ointments usually don’t undergo strict testing to find out whether they are safe for use or come with side effects. But do these things actually work? Many health experts don’t believe they do!
  • Traction: Traction is a very common way of attempting to non-surgically lengthen the male organ through stretching it for long periods of time. With traction, a device such as a stretcher is attached to the penis. The primary goal of the stretcher is to repeatedly pull the penis’ glans for long periods of time in order to increase the length of the penis. While a number of studies have claimed that traction has led to the male organs of some men to increase by between 1 centimeter and 2 centimeters, these studies haven’t been able to support their claims with concrete evidence. If done excessively or aggressively, traction can result in the damage of the nerves of the organ.
  • Penis weights: Penis weights are perhaps the oldest of the artificial enlargement methods. A penis weight is attached to the head of the penis and left to hang for about 2-4 hours per day. Just like the extender, the weight causes tears in the tissues of the penis, which forces it to enlarge by producing new tissues.
  • Surgery: Surgery is by far the most expensive option among the artificial methods, costing anywhere between $3000 and $10000. With this method, a surgeon performs two surgeries — one for length and another for girth. To increase girth, the surgeon inserts fat cells into the penis. For an increased length, the surgeon cuts some of the penile tissues so that the part of the penis that’s inside the man’s body will come out. There are several types of surgical treatments that a man can undergo in order to enlarge his organ. All of these surgeries come with various degrees of complications. There is currently no enlargement surgery in the world that does not come with some sort of complications. Having said that, the majority of men who undergo penis enhancement surgeries are not aware of the risks of complications that come along with the procedure. Many of these men would not attempt an enlargement surgery if they are made fully aware of the risks involved. Currently, the most commonly used surgical procedure to increase the length and size of the male organ is a surgery called penoplasty, which we described briefly above. This surgery can be done to increase only the thickness of the penis or only its length or both its thickness and length. Most men who opt for penile enlargement surgery often end up regretting their actions thanks to such things as the pains and scarring associated with it. On top of that, enlargement surgeries can cost you a lot of bucks!
  • Penis Pump: The penis pump, which is sometimes also known as a vacuum pump, is a plastic cylinder that is placed over the male organ. The pump increases the size of the organ by increasing the pressure within the blood vessels found in it. In addition to that, these pumps can also temporarily give a man relief from some major symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence. While these pumps are capable of achieving this, there is presently no pump that is capable of permanently treating erectile dysfunction. It is noteworthy that excessive use of penile pumps can be dangerous to a man since they can easily result in the bursting of one or more of the blood vessels of the organ. It is for this reason that people are advised not to use it for hours or use it aggressively. Penis pumps, especially, hydro pumps, do a terrific job of increasing the girth of the penis. To use the hydro pump, simply fill it with some water, insert your organ into it, and move it in an up and down motion. Doing this creates a suction activity that causes the tube-like tissues in your penis to be filled with much blood, thereby increasing its girth.
  • Clamping: This is another pretty common technique in the world of penile enlargement. Clamping is simply done by using something constricting such as a cock ring or a shoe string to tie around the base of a man’s erect penis. The constricting device at the base of the penis prevents blood from flowing out of the penis, thereby causing the blood to be trapped in the penis and leading to the size of the penis to increase significantly. Clamping is one of the most dangerous enlargement techniques out there in the sense that sometimes the constricting device used at the base of the male organ can become very difficult to remove, thereby causing severe damage to it. One of the most dangerous constricting devices used in clamping is a metal cock ring. When a metal cock ring is placed at the base of a man’s erect penis and restricts blood flow, the ring can easily get trapped. Over the years, there have been numerous cases of men who had to be rushed to hospital because they were unable to remove a stuck metal cock ring. In most of these cases, the only way the metal ring can be removed is by sawing it (the ring) off.
  • Silicone is also used to enlarge male organs. Silicone penile enlargement has become quite common over the past few years. Today, more and more young men who feel less masculine because of their small penises tend to opt for silicone as their preferred choice when attempting to enlarge their membersBut does silicone really work? A few years ago, many young men in Vietnam had to be hospitalized because they attempted increasing the sizes of their organs by the use of liquid silicone, which they injected into their organs, hoping that doing so would lead to bigger and longer male organs. Unfortunately for these men, instead of the much desired larger manhood, they suffered from serious complications which led to problems such as the following: severe pains, deformities, inability to have sex, necrosis, and infected scrotums. All in all, injecting liquid silicone into the penis in an attempt to make it thicker or longer is a very dangerous thing to do since liquid silicon can not only lead to serious complications like the ones mentioned above, but it can also be life threatening – especially when it forms clots in the blood vessels. It is for this reason that liquid silicone has been banned all over the world from being used in cosmetic procedures.

Most average-sized men feel their penises are too small

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of men who try to increase the size of their penises are not those with small penises but rather guys with average-sized organs, who are obsessed with the thoughts that they are below average. This is what psychologists refer to as penile dysmorphic disorder.

Interesting Reasons for Enlargement

Men have different reasons for wanting to increase the length and girth of their penises. For some, it’s the desire to increase the satisfaction they give to their sexual partners from an enhanced sexual performance. For others, it’s the stroke of the ego that comes from the myriad praises of their partners after sex. And still for some others, the mere fact of owning a beyond average penis fills them with great pride and contentment. Of all these numerous reasons, it appears the number one is to please their sexual partners. But, as we noted earlier on in the post, anything above 5-6 inches isn’t really necessary.

Weight loss works magic

Losing excess weight can help significantly in the quest to achieve a larger-looking male organ. While it doesn’t actually increase the length of the penis, losing weight will allow an overweight person to get rid of a lot of belly fat that hides a significant percentage of his shaft, thereby making his penis look longer and bigger.

Bestselling Penis Enlargement Products of 2018

Below is a handful of some of the bestselling male enhancement products of 2018 that are currently available on the market:

  • High Vacuum Man’s Penis Pump: This penis pump works by gradually and safely sucking blood into your organ to give you an erection that is strong, powerful and full.
  • Stamina Fuel: This is one of the most renowned male performance enhancement products on the market. It not only helps in increasing size but also your stamina in the bedroom and performance.
  • Pink Lust Penis Pump Enlarger: This popular penis pump simply makes use of air to make your male organ grow bigger.
  • Electric Men’s High-Vacuum Penis Pump Air Pressure: This is an electric penis enlargement pump that works by gently sucking blood into your organ to ensure that you enjoy full and powerful erections all the time. It is rechargeable and therefore doesn’t require the use of batteries. Also, it is safe to use.
  • Utimi Male Penis Vacuum Pump: This durable and safe pump is well-known for its ability to effectively improve blood circulation in the penis in order to extend its length while making it thicker.




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