Small Penis, Tricks to Satisfy a Woman

This post is designed purposely for men whose penises are below average. Just because you were born with a small penis doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to make sex an enjoyable experience for yourself and your woman. But to begin with, what is considered a small penis?

When fully erect, the average man’s penis often measures between 5.1 and 5.9 inches in length. Based on this, a man is considered to have a small or below average penis if the length of his fully erect penis is below 5.1 inches. Now that we have looked briefly at the definition of what a small penis is, let us now focus our attention on some of the simplest and most effective tricks that a man with a small penis (regardless of how small) can use in satisfying his woman sexually.


Small Penis Tips and Tricks to satisfy your Woman in Bed

Your penis might not be big, but you can still go ahead and make sex a very pleasurable experience for you and your woman with the amazing tricks below:

Foreplay Galore

As an owner of a small penis, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your woman is to engage in as much foreplay as possible. Since the beginning of time, foreplay has played an instrumental role in enhancing the pleasure derived from sexual intercourse (especially for a woman) since women generally take a longer time to orgasm. The longer the foreplay you have with your woman lasts, the easier it becomes for you to pleasure her to the point of achieving an orgasm! You should therefore spend more time, hugging, kissing and caressing her before penetration. By the time you are done with the lengthy foreplay, your woman would have been completely wet, fully aroused and very close to orgasm or would have already orgasm, thereby leaving very little work for your small penis to do. At this point, the littlest amount of vaginal penetration would waste no time giving her a mind-blowing orgasm.

Use a penis extender

Penis extenders have throughout the years been a great sex toy to many a man with a below average penis. But what really is this sex toy? It is a device that fits over the penis to extend it and make it appear bigger and longer. When you wear a good penis extender during vaginal sex, your woman would enjoy the feeling of being penetrated by a real, big penis.

Use a Clit Vibrator

To enhance her pleasure during intercourse, she can employ the use of a clit vibrator while you penetrate. There are some great vibrators on the market such as the We-Vibe couples’ vibrator that can be used by couples during intercourse. These vibes are designed to stimulate a woman’s sensitive zones such as her G-spot and clitoris during intercourse, thereby greatly enhancing the pleasure and increasing her likelihood of enjoying an orgasm.

Try Anal Sex

One of the advantages of having a small penis is that you are going to find it easier giving your woman anal sex than a guy with a large or above average penis. Since the anus isn’t as elastic as the vagina, it makes perfect sense that a big penis isn’t the most ideal type of penis for anal play. Yours is! Use this to your advantage and give your woman great pleasure via anal sex.

Use certain special Sex Positions

When it comes to using a small penis to satisfy a woman in the bedroom, some sex positions are better than others. The following are just a handful of some of the exciting positions that can help a man with a smaller penis achieve his aim of giving his woman great pleasure during intercourse:

  • Woman on top: Sex positions such as reverse cowgirl and girl-on-top that allow the woman to be on top of her guy are great for guys with less than average penises. When your woman goes on top of you , her pelvic muscles tend to grip your penis more tightly, thereby making you and her feel more pleasure during penetration. In addition to that, such positions give both you and your woman the ability to stimulate her clit while penetration is ongoing.
  • Doggy style: Another great advantage of having a small penis is the fact that it is best type of penis to be used to pleasure a woman when having sex using the doggy style position. Why is this the case? During the doggy style, a small penis does a better job hitting and stimulating the front wall of a woman’s vagina than a larger penis. And the front wall of the vagina happens to be one of its most sensitive and pleasurable parts of the vagina. Having said this, we can confidently say that if you have a small penis, you do your woman a disservice in terms of satisfying her sexually if you do not frequently practice the doggy style with her!
  • Woman sitting: This position involves the woman sitting on something such as the edge of the bed and the man standing or kneeling while penetrating her. This position allows the man’s penis to directly make contact with one of the most sensitive parts of the vagina – its top wall. With this position, it doesn’t matter how small the size of the man’s penis is, he would still be able to pleasure his woman.

Try not using lube

If your penis is smaller than average, then sometimes it makes sense if both you and your partner skip using a lubricant. The main function of a lubricant is to mitigate friction during penetration and make it easier for the penis to move in and out of the vagina. More often than not, the bigger the penis is, the more lube is needed and vice versa. If your woman has been aroused and is already wet, using lube will make it even harder for her to feel and enjoy your penis during penetration. Even sometimes, if your woman’s vagina has produced a great deal of natural lubrication from too much arousal, it makes sense using a tissue to mop up some of the natural lube in order to allow for more friction so that she can feel and enjoy your penis during penetration.

Use your Finger and Penis

Another cool trick for a small penis owner to give his female partner mind-blowing pleasure in the bedroom is to penetrate her vagina with the support of his finger. What happens here is that the man lets his woman lie on her back and as he makes love to her in the missionary position, uses one of his fingers in addition to his penis to penetrate. Penetrating with both the penis and the finger will give the woman’s vagina the feeling that it’s being pounded by a big penis.

Use a Penis Ring

We would have done you a huge disservice had we concluded this post without mentioning the use of a cock (penis) ring! We can’t seem to put into words how important wearing a penis ring is for a man with a small manhood. This sex toy, which is a ring-like device worn around the penis, does not only help in prolonging the man’s erection but also gives extra stimulation to his partner during penetration. There are so many great cock rings on the market that come with various degrees of vibrations to enhance both the wearer’s pleasure as well as that of his partner during intercourse. A good example of one such cock rings is the Je Joue Mio Penis Ring.


We have no doubt in our minds that  if you apply the tricks above, you’d have no problem putting a smile on your woman’s face between the sheets, regardless of how small your penis is!

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