Thinnest Condom In The World

The world's thinnest condom is thinner than the a hair strand.

The world’s thinnest condom is thinner than a hair strand.

Not all condoms are equal. Some condoms are very thick whereas others are very thin. The thinner a condom is, the more enjoyable it is for both partners during sexual intercourse in the sense that it enhances erection and makes it feel natural – as though you have not put on a condom. It is for this reason that scientists are constantly trying to make condoms as thin as possible.

Talking about thin condoms, did you know that the thinnest condom in the world is thinner than a strand of your hair? I guess you are surprised to hear this! But believe it or not, it is true. On December 2, 2013, the AONI ultra-thin 001 latex condom was named by the Guinness World Records as the world’s thinnest latex condom. The AONI condom, which is manufactured in China by Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products Ltd, measures just 0.036 mm (0.0014 inches) thickness.

It is really incredible when you think of the fact that the AONI condom is thinner than the average strand of human hair whose thickness is 0.00394 inches. But what’s even more incredible is that there is another condom on the market called Pasante Unique which is unbelievably thinner than the AONI condom and is therefore currently considered the thinnest condom in the world.

Pasante Unique condom

The Pasante Unique condom has a thickness of just 0.015 millimeters (0.00059055118 inches), which is about half the thickness of the AONI condom. But despite the fact that the Pasante Unique condom is thinner than the AONI condom, the Guinness World Records still recognizes the AONI condom as the thinnest latex condom in the world. This is simply because the Pasante Unique condom isn’t a latex condom.

According to Pasante Healthcare (manufacturers of the Pasante Unique condoms), the condom is made from synthetic resin material. Since this condom is non latex, it is very good for people who are allergic to the chemicals in latex condoms. In addition to this, these condoms are odorless.

Why are ultra-thin condoms in high demand these days?

There are so many reasons why ultra-thin condoms are in high demand nowadays even though they are significantly more expensive than the average thick condoms. Some of the advantages of ultra-thin condoms include the following:

  • Because of how extremely thin ultra-thin condoms are, they give you so much natural feeling that you don’t even remember that you are wearing them when having sexual intercourse with your partner. Many have said that the feeling that they get from these condoms is almost similar to the feeling that they get from having unprotected sex. One of the biggest disadvantages of condoms is the fact that condoms tend to reduce the sensation for both partners. But with the condoms mentioned above, sensation is greatly heightened.
  • As a result of the fact that ultra-thin condoms heighten the sensation during sexual intercourse, using them makes sexual intercourse more pleasurable than when one is using the ordinary condoms on the market.
  • The standard latex condoms tend to have the odor of latex on them. This can sometimes interfere during sexual intercourse by ruining the mood. There are so many people who don’t like the unpleasant odor of latex. But with ultra-thin latex condoms, the odor of latex is significantly reduced.

Do ultra-thin latex condoms have disadvantages?

Personally I think the only disadvantage of these amazing condoms is their steep prices. These condoms cost significantly more than the regular condoms on the market. And also, another slight problem that I have noticed with these super thin condoms is that because they are extremely thin, it sometimes takes longer time to unroll them. This can sometimes be frustrating – especially if you are in a haste to start penetrating your partner.

Are ultra-thin condoms as safe and as effective as regular condoms?

The answer to this question is a big YES! Despite their incredible thinness, the world’s thinnest condoms on the market are just as safe and effective as every regular condom on the market. These ultra-thin latex condoms are capable of preventing unplanned pregnancies, and more importantly they are as effective in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases just as the regular condoms are. For these reasons, they are approved all over the world by departments and agencies responsible for protecting public health. For example, in the United States, they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

NOTE: If you want to prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections, then always make sure you wear a condom whenever you are having sex.

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