Upgraded Personal Mini Wand Back Massager,Wireless Rechargeable Handheld Waterproof Portable Wand Massager Review

The upgraded version of Welist’s Personal Mini Wand Back Massager is one of the most-heralded products of its kind available online. And in this particular post, we will explore not only the Mini Wand’s advantages but also its disadvantages. All of this, of course, is for the benefit of you, the reader, in terms of guiding you in the right direction regarding purchasing the ideal massager which can also be used for other purposes besides relaxing your back. But first, let’s start off by looking at the gadget’s main features.


Upgraded Personal Mini Wand Back Massager,Wireless Rechargeable Handheld Waterproof Portable Wand Massager with Detail Features


The Personal Mini Wand Back Massager is only 6 inches in length and 1.5 inches wide. So carrying it around won’t be an issue. Indeed if you’re wearing a baggy pair of trousers, the device may even fit comfortably into your pants’ pockets. But more ideally it can be transported in a purse (if need be) or if you’re traveling in a suitcase, as it is intentionally light enough to be handled without putting any burden on the handler.


The fact that the exterior of the Mini Wand is made completely out of medical-grade silicone does not only contribute to the device’s softness. But even more importantly this means that it can be used on more sensitive, vulnerable parts of the body without putting the user at any type of health risk (so long as it is cleaned properly after usage).


This particular attribute does not necessarily mean that you should go about using the Mini Wand in your bathtub. More realistically, it alludes to the fact that even if the device is doused in bodily fluids, its functioning will not be negatively affected.


Yes, the Personal Mini Wand Back Massager is small and sleek and easy to transport discreetly to and fro. One can even say, especially when purchased in black, that the product is quite stylish. But that doesn’t mean that it is sheepish. In fact many users have been surprised by just how powerful and versatile the Wand truly is. Indeed in addition to boasting of 8 different speed settings, it also sports 20 – that’s right 20 – diverse massaging patterns. So let’s just say with this bad boy in hand, you’re not going to get bored massaging yourself anytime soon.


This Massager is actually charged via your conventional USB cable (which is included with the product). That means that you can power it up via your laptop or any USB power source, which are like everywhere these days. Moreover the gadget fully charges rather quickly (i.e. in less than 60 minutes), so it’ll pretty much be on call whenever you need it.


We’re sure that this product will prove pleasing to the majority of those who purchase it. But as with every product known to man, there will undoubtedly be others who aren’t as impressed.  And if you fall into the latter category, the manufacturer is kind enough to offer a good 2 months (i.e. 60 days) to request your money back, on top of a 2-year warranty to boot.

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So in summation, here are some of the pros of purchasing this product:

  • It’s portable and can be moved around discreetly.
  • It’s a powerful tool, though featuring mild settings also.
  • It has a variety of different settings that can please areas of the body even beyond the back.
  • It is medically-safe to use on all parts of the body.
  • It features both a warranty and a guarantee.
  • It can be charged via USB.
  • It looks rather cool (especially in black) for a back massager.
  • It’s lightweight, weighing less than half a pound.
  • It’s affordable yet may prove to be the perfect gift for someone dealing with a lot of stress.
  • It’s primarily marketed to women but can be useful to dudes also.
  • Its 100% waterproofness makes it easy to wash.
  • It’s pretty much a risk-free purchase for those looking for a good vibration device.
  • This device doesn’t make a lot of noise.


But in keeping it real, we also want to point out a few potential cons which some purchasers may notice:

  • The device may prove intimidatingly powerful to some users.
  • It may prove difficult to charge to those who don’t have a USB power source readily available.
  • The battery, even when fully charged, may not last as long as some users prefer.


How big is the Upgraded Personal Mini Wand Back Massager?

It is about 6 inches long, 1 ½ inches wide (at the tip) and weighs approximately 5 ounces (i.e. 0.3 pounds).

What does the package come with?

In addition to the Mini Wand itself you’ll also receive a USB charging cord as well as the user’s manual for the device.

Where do you plug the USB cord into the device?

The USB cord is to be plugged in down at the bottom.

Is it safe to use for more-adult purposes?

Yes, in addition to being medically safe, the Mini Wand Back Massager is also fluid proof.


Customers who already have experience using such devices will likely find the Welist Upgraded Personal Mini Wand Back Massager right up their alley. It may not replace all of your other vibrating gadgets, but it will likely make a welcome addition to the arsenal. Indeed it is most-ideal to use in situations where you may not want to draw attention to its usage or transportation.

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