LELO Ora 2 The World’s Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator, Black Review

Ora 2 is widely referred to as the most intelligent oral sex simulator ever created. But is this statement really true? Well, to find the answer to that, why not delve into the LELO Ora 2 The World’s Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator, Black review that we have prepared for you below. The review will enlighten you on the several outstanding technologically advanced features this oral sex simulator comes with such as its waterproof construction that allows for bathroom fun, its SenseTouch™ technology that increases the intensity of the toy’s vibrations based on the pressure you apply on the toy, 10 Vibration Patterns that give you complete control, and its ability to be recharged via USB. By the end of the review, the reader should be able to tell whether this award-winning device really deserves to be hyped as the world’s most technologically advanced sex oral simulator.


LELO Ora 2 The World’s Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator, Black with Detail Features

Great Stimulation

The Ora 2 is engineered with an advanced pleasure nub that simultaneously vibrates and rotates, thereby stimulating your erogenous zones just like a real tongue does during oral sex. Some users have even claimed it gives them more pleasure than the real thing. Also, the spherical shape of the toy and its smooth silicone body glide smoothly against your intimate zones in order to ensure both your comfort and satisfaction all the time.

Super Quiet

If you are one who craves for the utmost discretion during your play time, then the Ora 2 might be what you are looking for. With a noise level that is pleasantly and discreetly low, this toy can be used in such discretion that your roommate(s) or other occupants of your house will never know that you are enjoying artificial oral sex.

SenseTouch™ Technology

The Ora 2 is engineered with the revolutionary LELO SenseTouch™ technology. With this outstanding state-of-the-art technology, you can increase the intensity of the vibrations that the Ora 2 produces by simply applying pressure on the toy. The more pressure you apply on the toy by touch, the higher the intensity of the vibrations it produces becomes.

10 Unique Vibration Modes

The fact that Ora 2 features 10 different vibrating modes is one of the features that make the device one of the most pleasurable oral sex simulators you can find for purchase. The vibration modes that vary from one another give you total control of how you want to be pleased.

USB Rechargeable

The Ora 2 is hundred percent rechargeable via USB, which means it uses no disposable batteries to power it. This is good news for so many reasons. For example, you will not only save tremendous amounts of money since you won’t be buying batteries, but you will also save the earth in the process since it is environmentally friendly.

100% Waterproof

With the Ora 2’s fully waterproof feature, the user never needs to worry about water damaging it. This feature can be extremely useful to you if you are one who loves to have fun in places such as in the shower or in the bath. And what’s more, cleaning the toy is also pretty easy thanks to this feature.

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  • The Ora 2 delivers very pleasurable vibrations to your most sensitive erogenous zones.
  • It is USB rechargeable.
  • It comes with 10 stimulation modes.
  • It is totally waterproof.
  •  It has a satin storage pouch for safe storage.
  • It features the award-winning SenseTouch technology.
  •  It is quieter than a lot of other oral sex simulators on the market.
  • It is very comfortable and easy to use.
  • The LELO Ora 2 is backed by a 1-year warranty.


  • For the quality of the device and its functionality, many find the price to be quite steep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of the Ora 2?

A. The Ora 2 is manufactured by LELO – a renowned Swedish company that specializes in the production of intimate lifestyle products.

Q. Is the LELO Ora 2 made of safe materials?

 A. Yes. The toy is made of silicone and ABS plastic that are safe for your body.

Q. What colors does this device come in?

A. You can get this award-winning oral sex stimulator in three colors: Black, Midnight Blue and Deep Rose.

Q. What are the dimensions of the toy?

A. The dimensions of the Ora 2 are as follows: 75 x 43 x 80mm.

Q. What’s the weight of this vibrator?

A. The Ora 2 weighs approximately 117.5g.

Q. Is the Ora 2 a noisy vibrator?

A. It is not. With a maximum noise level that doesn’t exceed 50dB, the Ora 2 is among the quietest vibrators out there.

Q. How many minutes or hours do I need to charge the Ora 2 before it becomes fully charged?

A. You’ll need to charge the device for 2 hours before it can be fully charged.

Q. How long can I use the Ora 2 after a full charge?

A. You can enjoy it for 1 hour after a full charge.

Q. Can the Ora 2 be used by a man?

A. It is designed mainly to be used by women.

Q. Can I enjoy the Ora 2 with my partner?

A. Yes. The Ora 2 is designed to be used for solo/couple play. So you and your partner can use this during foreplay or even during actual intercourse.

Q. What is the best type of lubrication that I can use with the Ora 2?

A. The best kind of lubricant that you can use with the Ora 2 is one that is water-based.

Q. Can this toy be used internally?

A. No. It is designed for external use only.

Q. Does it come with a warranty?

A. Yes. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Q. What are the things included in the package?

A. Aside the Ora 2, the package also includes a USB charger to charge the Ora 2, a very useful storage pouch made of satin, an instruction manual, and a warranty registration card.

Final Verdict

The LELO Ora 2 review above shows a whole lot of amazing attributes that are pretty hard to find in similar toys. With the Ora 2 in your possession, a sheet-gripping orgasm during your alone times is something that might not be too difficult for you to achieve. As we wrap up this review, here is our final verdict on this toy: While we cannot boldly say that the Ora 2 is the best oral sex simulator on the market (as the manufacturers claim it is), we can confidently say that the outstanding features of the toy make it one of the most pleasurable oral sex stimulators for women. Therefore if you are looking to enjoy orgasmic experiences through oral sex that does not include a partner, then this toy is something you want to consider owning. Also, it is worth noting that in 2014, the Ora 2 made history by becoming the first adult toy to win the highly reputable and distinguished Cannes Lion Awards.

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