Big Boobs: Problems Women With Big Boobs Face

Woman with large boobs.

Women with big boobs experience certain challenges that women with smaller boobs don’t experience .

Common Problems of Having Large Boobs

Large breasts are beautiful and sexy, which is the reason why they are idolized a lot in the entertainment industry – especially in the adult entertainment world. In the entertainment industry, big boobs can indeed be great assets. It is for this reason many models, singers, actresses, etc undergo breast enlargement surgeries just in order to make their breasts bigger.

Big boobs make women appear sexier. This is why many men find women with big boobs very attractive. Whether you like them or hate them, you can’t deny the fact that the following female celebrities are sexy and attractive: Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Simpson, Pamela Anderson, Kate Upton, etc. What makes these women supper sexy and attractive to the masses? The simple answer is their large boobs of course!

Pamela Anderson's boobs

Pamela Anderson’s boobs.

Think of a celebrity like Pamela Anderson (pictured above), and your mind goes straight to her big boobs. That’s one of the major reasons we like her. And despite the fact that she’s getting older, her millions of fans all over the world still find her attractive.

Sometimes it can be really interesting when you watch some women with small boobs envy their fellow women with large boobs. But what these women (the ones with small boobs) don’t know about women who have big breasts is the fact that having a pair of boobs larger than the average size can sometimes be quite problematic for the owners. Sometimes women with large boobs end up wishing they never had such huge boobs because they find them to be more of a curse than an asset.

So without further ado, let’s delve straight into some of the most common problems associated with having large breasts.

  1. Large breasts attract attention. Large boobs will definitely see you attracting a lot of attention wherever you find yourself – be it at work or in the streets or even at church. The attention can be good news or bad news to the owner of the pair of boobs depending on whether she loves getting people’s attention or not. But if you are a woman who doesn’t like a lot of attention, then having a pair of boobs bigger than the average size can end up being your nightmare considering the fact that whether you like it or not people – especially guys are going to look at you and probably ogle away. Some might even end up making offensive comments about your boobs. This is one common problem that women with giant boobs encounter on a daily basis. Can you imagine how difficult life would be for a shy woman with big boobs? The unwanted attention would be so much for her to bear that going out in public places would become a problem for her or she might even start thinking of getting a breast reduction surgery.
  2. Difficulty in finding the right bras. Another problem associated with big boobs is the problem of finding bras that you like that really fit you. One common problem many big-breasted women encounter is the problem of finding the beautiful bras that fit. A big-breasted woman can spend the whole day shopping for a bra and will end up not getting the right one thanks to her giant boobies. Finding a bra that is beautiful, comfortable and good for the job is often a challenge to the average big-breasted woman. Even if eventually the right bra is found, the likelihood of it being very expensive is high.
  3. Big boobs prevent you from comfortably engaging in certain activities. A woman with big boobs has the tendency to experience problems when engaging in simple activities such as running, jumping, dancing certain kinds of dances, engaging in certain types of sports, etc. Can you imagine what will happen to a big-breasted woman who decides to jump on a trampoline? And also, how many women with large boobs have you seen running a marathon? Not too many I guess.
  4. Certain clothes cannot be worn. For a big-breasted woman, certain clothes can simply not be worn by them. For example, a large-breasted woman cannot wear strapless dress and appear decent. The moment a woman with large boobs wears a strapless dress, she begins to look like a slut. Button-up shirts are also something these women cannot wear. Certain clothes that look normal on girls with average-sized breasts end up looking slutty on a big-breasted woman. Even wearing an ordinary t-shirt makes you look slutty if you have large breasts.
  5. Large-breasted women can’t go out without a bra. It can be very difficult for a woman with large breasts to go out in public without wearing a bra. But this is not the case for women with smaller breasts who can virtually go out without bras. Going braless when you have large boobs is a very risky thing to do simply because everyone is going to notice. This can really be hard especially during the summer when the weather is really hot and you just don’t want to wear a bra to go out. Also, women with big boobs simply can’t workout without a bra. Not only will a big-breasted woman exercising without a bra attract unwanted attention from people but the woman will also end up injuring herself since her massive breasts bounce about uncontrollably and violently in different directions as she exercises. The violent bouncing of the boobs is not only painful but  can also cause injury to the  breast tissues. Women with small breasts barely experience this problem. A small-breasted woman can decide to run braless for miles upon miles without attracting unwanted attention or injuring her breasts. However, big-breasted women do not have such bra freedoms.
  6. Back pains as a result of large breasts. Large-breasted women often suffer from back pains that can range from being mild to being pretty severe. The reason why large breasts make your back hurt is simply because of the fact that they are heavy and can easily put a lot of strain on your back. The larger the breasts are, the heavier they are. According to doctors, women with extremely large breasts can easily end up suffering from chronic back pain if they fail to engage in things such as physical therapy and exercise. Sometimes doctors even recommend breast reduction surgery for women whose upper back pains are being caused by the excessive weight of their extremely large breasts.
  7. Pregnancy can be a nightmare. It is totally true that many women with extremely large boobs get scared when they think of the idea of getting pregnant. The thing about the breasts of women is that they get bigger when the woman is pregnant. The reason why the breasts of a woman become bigger when she’s pregnant is because of the fact that during pregnancy, hormonal changes occur and end up causing an increased blood flow in the breast tissue, thereby making the breasts become swollen. Also, the breasts get bigger because of the presence of high amounts of the hormones estrogen and progesterone being naturally injected into the woman’s system. The enlarging of the breasts normally starts between 6 and 8 weeks of being pregnant and will continue to grow larger and larger throughout the pregnancy. Since big-breasted women already have large breasts, it is perfectly understandable that the idea of getting pregnant will scare them.
  8. Sleeping at night can be difficult. Many women with large boobs say that sleeping at night can sometimes be difficult considering the fact that sometimes the sheer weight of their breasts can act as an obstacle to a good night’s sleep. Believe it or not, but a pair of D-cup breasts weigh between 14 and 24 pounds. Can you imagine sleeping with that amount of weight on your chest? That’s some serious heavy load to be carrying while asleep.
  9. Problem sleeping on stomach. Another very common problem experienced by women with big boobs is the fact that they find it very difficult or impossible lying or sleeping on their stomach. This is a pretty sad thing considering the fact that sleeping on one’s stomach is a really comfortable sleeping position for many people. A woman with an extremely large pair of breasts will never find it comfortable sleeping on her stomach. Even if she eventually forces herself to sleep on her stomach, she’s going to wake up feeling a lot of pain in the breasts.
  10. Big breasts alter a woman’s posture. Science has proven again and again that women with big breasts normally don’t have good postures. There two main reasons why this is so. The first reason why large-breasted women tend to have poor posture is because of the sheer weight of their breasts which causes their chests to weigh the entire body down. The second reason is because of the fact that some of these women (especially the shy ones) are so self-conscious about their large breasts that they often hunch forward in order to try to hide their breasts from people. This quickly develops into a habit and sees them developing poor posture, which ends up increasing their risk of developing back and neck pains.

There we are with some of the major problems women with large breasts face. So while large-breasted women are sexy and idolized by the entertainment industry, things are not totally smooth for them as you have seen from the problems mentioned above. These women pay quite a heavy price for having those huge boobs that almost every guy out there loves to look at.


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