New Passion Set SOLA Pressure Intelligent Waterproof USB Rechargeable Wellness Body Massager w/Bunni, Omi & Swedish Silicone Sleeves+ Includes a JO Relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Massage Glide 1 Oz Review

In a market flooded with countless of sex toys, the Sola Egg Massager still stands out tall because of the host of super cool features which help in no small way to take clitoral stimulation to the next level. Some of the cool features this device boasts of include the cutting edge intelligent pressure sensitive technology that allows the vibration level of the egg to be done through touch, a lightweight construction, a 100% ability to resist water, 3 attachments that are designed to do nothing but focus on pleasuring you, an excellent antibacterial storage pouch, among other remarkable features. In this Sola Egg review, we are happy to show you some of the best highlights this massager has to offer. Take your time to thoroughly read the content below so that at the end of the day you can confidently decide if the Sola Egg is the toy you need to enjoy pleasurable erotic stimulation during masturbation or foreplay with your partner.


New Passion Set SOLA Pressure Intelligent with Detail Features

3 Silicone Attachments for Fun

The Sola Egg comes with 3 premium silicone attachments that are soft, comfortable on the skin and totally safe to use. Each of these sleeves performs a unique job in erotically stimulating you to climax and orgasms. The 3 silicone attachments are as follows:

  • Bunni Sleeve: The primary function of the Bunni Sleeve, which comes with very soft ears, is to attach itself to the clitoris and stimulate it like nobody’s business. If your aim is to achieve clitoral orgasm, then the Bunni Sleeve can give you just that.
  • Omi Sleeve: The Omi Sleeve, which is great at giving a sensual massage, is also good for stimulation of the clitoris as well as foreplay with your partner.
  • Swedish Sleeve: This attachment, which is round and smooth, allows for an overall relaxation with its massages that are both deep and diffused.

Using any of the 3 attachments above with the Sola’s precision designed motor can easily give you a deep and heavenly massage.

Intelligent Pressure Sensitive Technology

The Sola is one of only a handful of adult toys that incorporate the cutting-edge pressure sensitive technology to control vibration levels. With this feature, all you need to do to control or change the vibration level is to touch the egg with some amount of pressure. The more pressure you apply on the Sola, the deeper and faster the vibrations become, and vice versa.

Totally Safe

The Sola comes with egg sleeves that are all made of 100% medical grade silicone. In addition to being very soft and comfortable, this silicone is also hundred percent safe for the body. Furthermore, the Sola doesn’t contain the notorious dangerous chemical toxins phthalates, which are commonly used in several products on the market, including some toys. All these things come together to make the Sola Egg one of the safest adult toys you can get on the market.

Lock Feature

The lock feature that the Sola is engineered with helps you capture and lock in your favorite vibration or massage speed that allows you to climax faster. Away from that, this very useful feature also prevents the massager from accidentally being turned on when you are not ready to use it.

Multiple Charging Options

Another very important feature of the Sola that separates it from others, is its ability to be charged in multiple ways. Equipped with the state of the art magnetic charging technology, the massager has its own unique magnetic charging dock which allows you to charge the device anywhere in the comfort of your home. Away from this, the Sola Egg is also chargeable by USB. All you need to do to charge Sola via USB is to connect it to your computer via the USB charger that it comes with. Alternatively, you can also connect the USB charger to the AC adaptor that it comes with and charge the massager in any wall outlet in your home, office, etc.

Charging Light Indicator

The Sola has a charging light indicator. This charging indicator produces a soft white light when the device is being charged. When the Sola is fully charged, the indicator produces a glowing steady white light to let you know that it is fully charged.

100% Waterproof Construction

Another cool highlight of the Sola Egg is its hundred percent waterproof construction that enables you to easily and conveniently clean the egg before and after use. In addition to allowing for easy cleaning with water and soap, this feature also allows you to safely and comfortably use the Sola in such places as your shower and tub.

Antibacterial Storage Pouch

With the excellent antibacterial storage pouch that accompanies the Sola, you do not only get to keep the Sola safe from damage when not in use, but you also get to protect your Sola against being exposed bacteria. Furthermore, the storage pouch is large enough to house not only the Sola Egg, but also its sleeves and charging components. Another prominent feature of this storage pouch worth mentioning is the fact that it is totally lint-free.

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  • The Sola Egg produces very powerful vibrations that help you achieve orgasms faster and more conveniently.
  • It comes with a charging dock for easy charging.
  • It is totally safe for the body because it contains no hazardous substances or material.
  • It is lightweight and very portable.
  • The Sola is 100 percent waterproof.
  • The massager is very flexible and has the ability to reach every single contour of yours.
  • The vibration produced by the massager comes in multiple speeds.
  • After a single charge, you get to enjoy up to 1.5 hours of playtime with the Sola.
  •  You can use the Sola all by yourself or with your partner.
  • It comes with the famous sexual lubricant and massage liquid JO Relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Massage Glide 1 Oz.
  • The manufacturers of the Sola support it with a 5-year warranty.


  • Despite all the outstanding features that the Sola Egg Massager offers, some still find the price tag to be quite high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the manufacturers of this massager?

A. The massager is the product of Sola, an establishment located in Garden City, New York, United States.

Q. Is the Sola Egg safe to be used on the body?

A. Yes, it is! The Sola is made of materials that are totally safe and free from phthalate.

Q. Is the Sola Egg waterproof?

A. Yes, it is. Thanks to its waterproof property, you can enjoy it in the shower, tub, etc. However, it is important to take note of the fact that only the device’s egg is waterproof. The device’s charging components aren’t waterproof.

Q. Is the Sola rechargeable?

A. Yes, it is.

Q. How long does it take for the Sola to become fully charged?

A. It takes roughly about 3 hours for the Sola Egg to become fully charged.

Q. After fully charging my Sola Egg, how long can I use it?

A. You can enjoy the Sola Egg for about 1.5 hours after it has been fully charged.

Q. Can I use the Sola Egg in any place in the world?

A. Yes! Since the device is USB rechargeable, you can simply connect it via USB to a computer or laptop to charge it anywhere you find yourself.

Q. Is the Sola supported with a warranty?

A. Yes. When you purchase the Sola Egg, it comes backed by a 5-year warranty.

Final Verdict

The purpose of the review above is to not only help you understand why the Sola Egg is ranked as one of the most important egg vibrators on the market, but to also guide you decide whether the Sola Egg is the right massager for you or not. We really hope the review has been able to accomplish that. Our final verdict on the Sola Egg is this: With all the amazing and unique attributes of the massager, it could suit you much better than other vibrators on the market in terms of clitoral massage and stimulation, safety, portability, discretion, durability, etc. And what’s more, the manufacturers of the Sola Egg support it with an amazing 5 years warranty!

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