How to satisfy a Man

We are essentially unique creatures, and so tastes and likes vary from one person to the other. But despite the fact that we are different, one common characteristic that everyone shares is his or her need to be happy. There are some who can manage to be happy on their own while some of us feel happy when we find ourselves in the midst of friends, family or loved ones. Most men rather than few tend to turn to partners to fulfill that need to be happy though having a partner might not be the only thing that brings happiness but it sure is part of what boosts self-esteem and happiness in most men. In relationships, it is essential for the man to feel fulfilled, loved and be satisfied. There a lot of things that satisfy these needs in men, and one such thing is sex. And not any type of intercourse, but a satisfying one, which goes way beyond the normal art of penetration, humping away and finally having an ejaculation. You have not satisfied your man until you have driven him wild in bed and given him the kind of pleasure that he craves for. Frequently satisfying your man in bed plays an important role in keeping the majority of romantic relationships happy and healthy. Sexual satisfaction in a relationship is so important that it even has the ability to significantly increase your likelihood of keeping your man. But how can I please my man in bed? What are some of the things I can do to give him the maximum amount of pleasure in the bedroom? These are some of the most common questions women ask in respect to the issue of satisfying their men. But pleasing your man isn’t something very difficult at all. There are a number of very simple things that you can do to add some extra spice to your sex life. And now, ladies, without wasting any more time, here are some very important tips that you should take into consideration if your quest is to satisfy your man and leave him feeling like the luckiest man on earth whenever the two of you get between the sheets.


Turn on the Lights

The vast majority of men are visual creatures, which is why visual stimulation plays a very important role in arousing the average man and contributing to his overall satisfaction in bed. A man can be on his own and have his libido turned on just by watching nude photos of a woman. So also is your body’s extraordinary ability to turn on your man. Don’t worry about how you look because your man likely doesn’t care about those body flaws you think you have. Don’t turn off the lights when he is making love to you. Leave the lights on because your partner would want to see your naked body more than anything else. He would want to see your reaction as he enters in and out of your orifice. He would want to see you moan in pleasure. These visuals improve sex for him in no small way. Don’t ever underrate the power of visual turn on in pleasing your man in bed.

Don’t be Silent in Bed

Since most men love their partners to be vocal during sex, we suggest you don’t be silent as the action unfolds. When you are quiet during intercourse, your man is going to feel as though you are not enjoying it, and that can be frustrating for him as he will constantly be thinking he isn’t doing a good job satisfying you. Do not consider it too noisy to moan and give your little ‘ahhs’, ‘oohs’ and ‘mmms’. Apart from being a turn on, it tells him he is hitting just the right notes. In fact, the little gasps, moans, and screams of pleasure from you empower him. If you get pleasured into talking, don’t hold back. Tell him how good he is making you feel. Don’t be shy to urge him to penetrate faster and harder if that is what you want. It all adds to the fun and makes him know that he is doing a wonderful job. If you have to grab him to let him know how good he is making you feel, then, by all means, do so. Hold him, squeeze him. It adds to the intimacy. And, in being vocal, don’t mind talking dirty to him. Most men love to hear their women talk dirty to them since it arouses them the more and encourages them to perform better.

Help Him Fulfill His Sexual Fantasies

All men have sexual fantasies, and your man is not an exception. You can help him turn his fantasies into reality, providing you are comfortable with them and they are totally safe to be practiced.  Guys are often not very comfortable discussing their fantasies with their women because of a host of reason, including not being sure whether their women would be comfortable with it. Some even fear to be seen as perverts or freaks. As a result of that they remain silent and keep these fantasies to themselves, and that can sometimes hinder them from getting the utmost satisfaction during intercourse. But you can help your partner have the fun of his life with his fantasies. How can you do that? You can talk to him before intercourse about his fantasies and encourage him to share even the deepest of them with you. Is it anal, oral, or cleavage sex that he wants? Does he want to watch you masturbate? If you are comfortable with his fantasies and they can be performed safely, then by all means help him bring them into reality. He would be eternally grateful to you for that!

Focus on your Man’s Erogenous Zones

As a result of the penis being the number one focus of stimulation, women often forget the other erogenous parts of their men. Touching your man’s erogenous zones during foreplay and intercourse helps in intensifying the sexual pleasure like nobody’s business. Just like your erogenous zones bring you so much pleasure when stimulated, stimulating your man’s erogenous zones also produce sexual arousal and can lead to very powerful orgasms. Besides your man’s penis (which is an obvious one), some other extremely sensitive and pleasurable parts of his body include lips, scrotum, nipple, neck, and the area behind his earlobe. In addition to the just-mentioned regions on the body, there is also another very sensitive part of your man’s body called the perineum, which is found near his anus. To be precise, it is that patch of skin located between his scrotum and his anus. Because the perineum is loaded with lots of nerve endings, it can give your man so much pleasure when you stimulate it in the right manner. The bottom line is that you will do your man a great favor when you take your time to touch and stimulate those erogenous zones on his body during foreplay and intercourse.

Please him with Oral Sex

If you want to please your partner in bed, then you need to learn how to improve your skills in oral sex because we are yet to see a man who doesn’t love his woman going down on him! In pleasing him orally, you can first start by playing with his genitals with your hands before you begin using your mouth and tongue to stimulate it. We recommend you start slowly and gently. With time, you can increase the pace. Another important thing worth remembering is to use lots of saliva. The more saliva you use, the more fun and pleasurable it becomes for both you and your man. As you stimulate his penis, we suggest you pay special attention to the tip of the penis because that is undoubtedly the most sensitive part of his genitals. And while you do that, don’t forget to also stimulate the rest of the penis. Some women can relax the back of their throats in order to swallow the entire length of their men’s penises – an action which can make a man climax like crazy! Porn stars are often experts at that. But don’t worry if you can’t do that; you can still make him climax wildly and scream in pleasure by just alternating between licking his manhood and taking in as much of it as you can into your mouth. In the course of performing oral on your man, don’t forget his scrotum. You can do a number of highly pleasurable things with his scrotum – an organ which can be as sensitive as his penis. You can suck the scrotum, lick it, nibble it slightly, etc. You can also venture to his anal region and perform analingus, that is if you are both comfortable with that and are well prepared for it. In performing anilingus, you are basically going to use your mouth, lips, tongue, and sometimes even your teeth to gently stimulate his anal region, including his anus itself. In the stimulation process, you can kiss, lick and suck the anus and its entire region, including his perineum, where you’d also want to pay some decent attention to.

Do away with Monotony

Doing the same thing again and again in the bedroom causes boredom and drastically reduces arousal and satisfaction. In trying to please your man and give him the sexual experience of his life, the last thing that you want to do is continue with the monotonous routine of intercourse. That monotony must be broken if you want to leave your man satisfied! And thankfully there are several things you can do to break the boredom in your bedroom and make lovemaking more fun and pleasurable for both you and your partner. Here are some excellent tips to break the boredom and make the experience in the bedroom more thrilling:

  • Change positions: Most couples often always use the same position, usually the missionary position, whenever they make love. You can spice things up in the bedroom by changing the regular missionary position and adopting other fun positions such as the doggy-style, woman on top, standing, the pancake, cowgirl, sixty-nine, T-square, lap dance, etc.
  • Change locations: Another way to keep things interesting is to change the location from time to time. It doesn’t always have to happen in the bedroom. You can take the action to the living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc just to get rid of the monotony and make things more fun and exciting.
  • In addition to the above, you can also introduce into your sex life other interesting stuff such as the use of toys, extending the duration of foreplay, sharing the tub or having a shower together, updating your underwear, massaging each other, incorporating certain kinky stuff and taboos, etc. All these things will definitely help in getting rid of boredom in bed and help to make your man happier and more satisfied.

Allow Him to Dominate You

It is no secret that many men love to dominate their women during sex as it brings to them a great deal of satisfaction. So go ahead and allow him to rip off your clothes, spank your bare buttocks, tie you up, thrust you harder, etc. Having total control over you can maximize your man’s arousal in no small way since it allows him to explore some of his deepest fantasies with you, his willing submissive partner. The interesting thing about allowing your man to dominate and control you during intercourse is that you also benefit in the sense that the resulting feeling of losing all control and feeling helpless can heighten your arousal and make the experience more fun and pleasurable for you. It is for this reason that, for example, many women can’t have enough of being spanked by their partners between the sheets.

Smell Good

In addition to all the important tips we have mentioned above, another very important thing to take into consideration when attempting to satisfy your man is to take your personal hygiene seriously. Make sure you have a fresh breath and smell good. Bad hygiene is a big turn off for most guys. He might not be bold enough to tell you that he has a problem with your bad odor, but it would definitely reduce his arousal, which would, in turn, lead to sex not being very pleasurable and satisfying for him.


It is our hope that the information contained in this insightful article will play a significant role in your quest to give your guy maximum pleasure in the bedroom. It is a fact that the more you satisfy your man in the bedroom, the more he can’t have enough of you. This can play a major role in keeping your relationship happier and stronger. It can even reduce the likelihood of your man seeing another woman behind your back. Why would he go after another woman when he has got someone who is giving him paradise in the bedroom?! Applying the tips above will not only increase your man’s lust for you but it will also greatly enhance your own pleasure. Be smart and incorporate them into your sex life.

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