How to satisfy a Woman

There are a number of ways you can make your woman happy. If you know how to treat your woman well, there are lots of rewards to reap. Take her to the movies, love her, give her breakfast in bed, adore her in public, put no one else before her, etc. These are very beautiful things that you can do for you woman to always keep her happy. But away from these, there is also another very important thing that the average woman in a relationship craves for from her man, and that is sex. Yes, you heard us right! Sex plays a very important role in almost all romantic relationships. The role sex plays in a relationship can be so important that it can virtually make or break a relationship. A sex starved lover or wife isn’t a happy one. The same applies to a wife or lover who isn’t getting enough satisfaction in the bedroom. This is the reason why it is very important to know how to go about pleasuring her to the max each time you make love, so you can always leave her with a smile on her face. The more pleasure you give her, the more she will go beyond her comfort zone to keep you and make you happy in return. We believe that every man has the ability to satisfy his woman sexually, regardless of how large or small he is down there. The length or size of your penis doesn’t play any significant role in how much pleasure you give your woman during sex. If size doesn’t play a significant role in pleasing my woman, then what does? A number of things do, the majority of which we shall discuss in this post. So without further ado, let the penetration into the exciting world of satisfying our women begin. If your aim is to bring pleasure to your woman between the sheets, then here are a few very valuable pointers that will in no small way make her realize her ultimate desires in bed and cherish you for life.


Engage in Foreplay

Any sexual activity that comes before the main sexual intercourse is what is referred to as foreplay. Foreplay is considered one of the most important things you can do if your aim is to give your woman one heck of a satisfying sexual experience. Do not be all self-seeking when you manage to get her under the sheets. Women take slightly longer time than men, in general, to get to that sizzling climax, which is why foreplay is extremely important. Do not be in a rush to get it in there and hump away and blow your load in or on her – something which is unfortunately done by a lot of men out there. So instead of just shoving away her underwear and pushing in, indulge some patience. Pack it up. Start with that sensual kiss, for instance, while you rub her gently. Kiss and stimulate her erogenous zones such as her nipples, breasts, neck, etc. The more you do this, the more aroused and ready for you she’s going to become. In the course of foreplay, you can also gently rub around the vagina. Locate her clitoris and gently massage it. Do not just jab a finger right in there. You can tell as you progress what effect you are having on your woman by looking at her reactions to your touches, stimulations and kisses. If for instance, you notice she is moaning in pleasure, then you know you are doing a wonderful job because she is getting more and more aroused and will soon be begging you to take her.  In addition to making your woman physically and psychologically aroused and prepared for sex, foreplay also comes with so many other advantages for both you and your woman. For example, the more foreplay you have with your woman, the wetter and hornier she is going to become, thereby making penetration the more pleasurable for her and increasing her chances of reaching orgasm much faster. It is a fact that the average woman would enjoy sexual intercourse more when it is preceded by foreplay. So if you want to make your woman feel like a Queen in bed, then don’t take foreplay for granted. And while engaging in foreplay, you’d want to focus more of your attention on the following highly sensitive and erogenous zones of your woman:

  • Clitoris: Your woman’s clitoris is widely considered the most erogenous zone on her body thanks to its extremely sensitive nature. As a result of how extremely sensitive it is, stimulating it is the fastest way to arouse your woman and make her achieve orgasm. Where is the clitoris of my woman located? We hear you ask. The clitoris, which is sometimes also referred to as the “female penis” because of its nature, is that soft and spongy erectile tissue located on her vulva, slightly above her vaginal opening and urethra. It contains over 8,000 nerve endings, which is why it is extremely sensitive. There are a number of ways you can stimulate your partner’s clitoris. You can suck or rub it with some amount of pressure. You can also employ the use of a vibrator or dildo to stimulate it. We usually suggest there be a combination of vibration and pressure when stimulating her clitoris. If you do it right, we have no doubts in our minds that you can send your woman to sexual paradise.
  • Breasts and Nipples: Your woman’s breasts are not just for suckling infants. The whole of the breasts of a woman is a veritable assembly point for nerves. These nerves trigger arousal when stimulated properly. Go ahead and pay attention to those love mounds of your woman during foreplay and continue to do so during intercourse as well. Play with and suck on your woman’s nipples and extend the touch and tongue to all other areas of the breast you can get hold of. Cup and lift the underside of the breasts and lick around her nipples. Cover the nipple and breast with your mouth and suck gently. Since a woman’s nipples are one of the most sensitive areas of her body, stimulating them would arouse her like nobody’s business and give her almost as much pleasure as she would get from the stimulation of her clitoris.
  • Gräfenberg spotAbout two inches inside her vagina canal, situated to the fore is a very sensitive area of the vagina. You might have heard of it. Some call it the G-spot whereas others call it the Gräfenberg spot. This is in honor of the renowned German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. It is believed to be a very sensitive area of the vagina. During stimulation, strong sexual arousal leading to powerful orgasms and potential female ejaculation is highly possible. The location of this area is not always a very straightforward case. It is said to be often located 2–3 inches up the front of the vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra.  It is not all too easy to locate, but if you rub around the general area gently, you will not totally miss it. This is a special one to take her to orgasm. Despite the fact that there is currently no concrete scientific evidence that the G-spot exists, G-spot proponents all over the world insist that stimulating that particular area of the vagina can lead to very powerful sexual arousal and orgasms and sometimes even ejaculation in a woman. So while engaging in foreplay with your woman, it is worth concentrating on this area of her vagina.

In addition to the above-mentioned erogenous spots of your woman, during foreplay, you can also kiss and stimulate other areas of her body such as her abdomen, anal region (if she’s comfortable with that), neck, and of course her lips, which will contribute to her overall arousal and pleasure.

Oral Sex during Foreplay

If your woman is cool with oral sex, you can incorporate it into your foreplay.  Give her a time of her life by stimulating the exterior and interior of her vagina with your lips and tongue. Lick softly using your relaxed tongue before gradually increasing the firmness of your tongue and the speed at which you do the licking. You can also use your firm tongue to penetrate in and out of her vagina mimicking the way a penis would go in and out of the vagina. Most women really love that! Occasionally you can have a nibble with the teeth but do not bite hard. You can also reach for her anal area and stimulate that region with your tongue. Don’t shy away from it. Her anal region is a very sensitive area and can provide her with a lot of pleasure if stimulated very well.

Extend Lovemaking

Try to make the lovemaking process last longer. Don’t be a one minute man. The reason why it is important that you try to prolong ejaculating is that women naturally take a longer time before reaching orgasm than men do. So if you blow your load after just a few seconds of penetrating your partner, it goes without saying that she’s not going to achieve sexual satisfaction. This means the longer the sexual intercourse lasts, the higher your woman’s chances become of reaching orgasm and of being sexually satisfied. But how do I last longer in order for my woman to be thoroughly satisfied? Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation or not, there are a number of things that you can do to lengthen the duration of the sexual intercourse. One of the most important things you can do is engage in very lengthy foreplay. The longer the foreplay is, the faster it takes for your woman to be satisfied during sex. In this case, even if you are a one minute man, owing to the fact that you engaged in a lengthy foreplay with your woman, you can still satisfy her with a little amount of penetration. Another very important thing that men who suffer from premature ejaculation can do to lengthen the duration of intercourse is to use methods such as the distraction methods, start-and-stop technique and the use of thick condoms. In the case of thick condoms, the thickness of the condom will reduce the sensitivity of the penis and delay ejaculation. Having said this, it is noteworthy that you don’t need to go all night long in order to guarantee the sexual satisfaction of your partner. Also, blowing your load within few seconds of penetration will not improve your chances of pleasing your woman sexually. Just try to last long enough to give her some satisfaction. It shows that you care about her.

 Don’t just be Silent

During intercourse, do not concentrate only on the act of humping away and remaining mute. Many women do not like this, and might not get sexual satisfaction if you do that. You need to whisper sweet words into her ears as you penetrate. She needs to hear you groan and moan in pleasure so that she knows you are enjoying the intercourse because she is performing well. But if you remain silent throughout the activity, you’re going to make her feel uncomfortable. And when a woman begins to feel uncomfortable during sex, her libido drops, and when this happens, it automatically leads to reduced pleasure for her. So brother, don’t be silent as you enter in and out of her. Go on and let her how great you feel. Don’t be ashamed. Let her know you enjoy it. Even if you can’t talk to her, let her know she’s making you feel good through your moans and groans. She will definitely like it. And the more she likes it, the higher her libido is going to be, which automatically leads to a more pleasurable experience for her.

Compliment Your Woman during Sex

Complimenting your woman during intercourse is one of the best things you can do for her to ensure that she enjoys sex. Many women tend to feel insecure – especially when naked. They, therefore, keep worrying about a number of things such as how she looks, smells, etc. These thoughts running through her mind as a result of anxiety can ruin her ability to enjoy sex. This is where complimenting her comes in handy. Tell her how beautiful she looks, how much you love how she smells, how good she is making you feel, etc. These compliments will not only get her relaxed but also make her feel confident and forget about all her perceived insecurities so she can focus more on enjoying every penetration and touch and kiss of yours.

Touch and Caress Her during the Sex Act

Don’t just make love. Touch, kiss and caress her while you are making love because the average woman loves her partner to kiss her and caress her while sex is ongoing. Hell, even men love their partners to put their hands all over them as they penetrate. Touching, kissing and caressing during sex make it more intimate, satisfying and pleasurable. Kiss her passionately and caress her body – especially her erogenous zones as you make sweet love to her.

Let Her Wish to Be Your Command

Let her be in control and pay great attention to her needs like kissing, touching, etc. If she likes being on top, by all means, let her be. If she wants you to spank her, pull her hair, and give it to her hard, by all means, do that. Some women love to hear their men talk dirty to them. If your woman is one of those that love dirty talking, then don’t hesitate giving it to her. The more you let her be in control, obey her every command and pay attention to her needs, the more aroused she’s going to get and the more fun the sex is going to be for the both of you.

Pull Back Method

Another way to please your woman during sex is by using the “pull back technique”. This technique involves pausing during penetration and pulling out the moment you realize she’s about to climax while kissing, caressing and stimulating other places of her body such as her neck, breasts, etc. You can repeat this process for a number of times before finally allowing her to reach the highly anticipated climax with a big bang! Why is this important? It is important because the longer you tease her with the climax, the higher her likelihood of experiencing a very powerful and explosive orgasm becomes. She’s going to love you for that!

Stay Away from Things that turn her off

Steer clear of anything which you know turns her off. The more turned off a woman is during sex, the less enjoyable and pleasurable the sex is going to be for her. On the other hand, the more turned on she is, the more pleasurable the sexual intercourse is going to be for her, and the higher her likelihood of reaching orgasm is going to be. So we advise that you study your woman very well and stay away from the things that turn her off while focusing on the things that will make her squirt her juices all over the sheets.

Don’t be Monotonous

Nobody likes to be bored, and your woman is no exception. One of the major reasons why some women do not enjoy sex is as a result of boredom in the bedroom. In order to avoid boredom in the bedroom, we suggest you always find ways of keeping the sexual performance as interesting and as comfortable to your woman as possible by doing things such as switching the tempo of your penetration, trying something a little bit provocative but which she is comfortable with, trying different sex positions, using sex toys, etc. As you penetrate in and out of her, you can hold her hands down firmly, then release it so she can grab at you if she wants to. Penetrate deep during thrusts, then ease up a bit. Alternate positions and motions. Intense and fast for a while if you can, then go steady and slow. Maintain the momentum for some time and then lay back a bit. Always ensure that you bring something new and exciting that she loves. All these things can play significant roles in getting rid of monotony and making the sex interesting and more enjoyable for her.

Spend Time with her after Sex

We understand you have given her one hell of a mind-blowing make love session, but please don’t be in a haste to just roll over and drift into sleep or put on your clothes and leave her like she’s some prostitute you have paid to have sex with. If she isn’t a whore who is in the business of having sex for money or using men for her own selfish interests, then she would more often than not tether some emotions to the sex, thereby making it very disappointing and even insulting to just abandon her after the intercourse is over. We strongly advise that you never do that to your woman. Spend some quality time with her after it’s all over. Hold her close to you, cuddle her and let her know how much you appreciate her in your life. If you do this in addition to the other things mentioned above, then you’d have dramatically increased your chances of ensuring that you woman is thoroughly sexually satisfied both psychologically and physically.


There are plenty of ways to pleasure your woman in bed, and the above-mentioned tips happen to rank high amongst the best. We hope that at this point you have learned a lot of valuable things with respect to pleasing your woman in the bedroom and making her happy. It is worth noting that one of the most valuable things that you can do for a woman whom you are in a sexual relationship with is to ensure that she is satisfied whenever you engage in sexual intercourse with her. Satisfying your woman plays an important role in ensuring a healthy and happy relationship in the sense that, among other things, it can help strengthen your bond and increase the likelihood of her being faithful to you. Why would she go out to look for another man to satisfy her when she can always rely on you to perform an excellent job in the bedroom?! Don’t ever let your woman’s sexual dissatisfaction ruin your sex life or your relationship. Be smart! Take the tips in this article seriously and put them into practice to make your sex life a very exciting one. And please don’t forget to send a thank you note to us later. Have a wonderful and safe sexual experience.

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