How to Reduce Pre-cum (Pre-ejaculate)

In the male reproductive system, pre-cum (also known as pre-seminal fluid, pre-ejaculate, Cowper’s fluid or pre-ejaculatory fluid) is an influential fluid that has the potential, when in excess, to make or break the lovemaking experience for many a sexually active man. For this reason, we are going to explore various ways of reducing pre-cum.


What is Pre-cum?

Before we proceed with the various ways of reducing pre-cum, let’s take a moment to understand what pre-cum is. Pre-cum is a somewhat glutinous, transparent fluid that emanates from the penis when a man is sexually aroused. Its primary purpose is to neutralize the urethra’s acidity in order to create a very conducive environment for sperm. The acidity of the urethra is caused by urine, which just like sperm, also passes through the urethra. In the absence of pre-ejaculate, the acid in the urethra from residual urine would be too hostile for the survival of sperm. In addition to this, pre-ejaculate also helps in lubricating the urethra’s interior walls to allow sperm to travel more smoothly. During intercourse, pre-ejaculate can also play a vital role as a lubricant that allows for smoother penetration. Furthermore, it is very instrumental in the coagulation of semen.

So all in all pre-ejaculate is a very vital thing. However, it becomes a ‘problem’ when it is produced in extremely large quantities. Overproduction of pre-seminal fluid doesn’t lead to any major serious health issues per se, but it can often lead to issues ranging from slight irritations to embarrassment to condom coming off while having intercourse because of the penis becoming too slippery.

But what causes overproduction of pre-ejaculate? We discuss the reasons for such large volumes of pre-cum in the following section.

The Cause of Excessive Pre-cum

According to the Journal of Andrology, the amount of pre-ejaculate produced during arousal or intercourse varies from man to man and can range from just a couple of drops to about a teaspoon. In the abnormal case of excessive pre-cum, there’s either an overproduction of seminal fluid by the prostate glands, or an enfeeblement of the Parasympathetic nerves and pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. Sometimes, when a man’s prostate glands are clogged, arguably from long periods of sexual inactivity, they can secrete lots of seminal fluid, leading to excess pre-cum. Other times, however, the Parasympathetic nerves, which regulate how a man feels during sexual arousal and keep the pre-cum valve (located by the Cowper’s gland near the prostate) shut can become weak, causing the pre-cum valve to stay open and eject lots of seminal fluid. Still at other times, the PC muscle, which supports most organs in the penis region can get weak and cause the Cowper’s gland to be unable to withhold pre-cum.

Now that we have looked briefly at some of the common causes of overproduction of pre-ejaculate, we will now explore treatment methods for it, which can be grouped under three broad headings – penile enlargement exercises, medicines, and dietary changes.

Treatment with Penile Enlargement Exercises

Penile enlargement exercises are concerned with increasing the length and girth of a man’s penis, but they offer the added benefit of reducing pre-cum. How is this the case? By increasing the flow of blood to the cavernosa (two tube-like, spongy tissues within the shaft of the penis) in order to increase the size of the penis, penis enlargement exercises cause the male reproductive system to produce significant amounts of testosterone. This hormone (testosterone) contributes to strengthening muscles and nerves such as the PC muscle and Parasympathetic nerves, which shut the pre-cum valve in order to preclude excessive outflow of pre-cum.

Examples of penile enlargement exercises are: kegel exercise and jelqing. To take advantage of kegel exercise, first locate where your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is. This is done either by trying to stop urination when you are about halfway through it, or by trying to avoid the passing of gas from your anus when you feel like it. When you’ve located the muscle, repeat the exercise for about a couple of minutes each day. The great thing about this exercise is that you can virtually practice it at anytime or anywhere without worrying about the people around you even suspecting what you are doing.

When it comes to jelqing, the practice involves making a circle around the base of the shaft of your male organ with your forefinger and thumb. Then gently but firmly move this circle in an up-down motion. Essentially, jelqing is masturbation minus the intent to ejaculate because you are aroused.

Both exercises (jelqing and kegel exercise) will contribute to strengthening the parasympathetic nerve and, as a result, end up controlling/reducing the flow of excessive pre-cum during arousal.

Treatment with Medicines

Reducing pre-cum using medicines can be done in two ways: testosterone booster pills and herbal remedies. Testosterone booster pills up the levels of testosterone (a hormone) in the male body, which contributes to strengthening the parasympathetic nerve, which controls the flow of pre-cum. Simply follow the dosage written on the booster’s label, and be leery about boosters from untrusted sources. Herbal remedies take advantage of herbs such as Shilajit and Ashwagandha, just to mention a few. Shilajit is replete with rare nutrients that promote overall prostate and nerve health in the body. Therefore it shouldn’t be surprising when the parasympathetic nerve, pre-cum valve and Cowpe’s gland (all of which are connected to the prostate) become strengthened after you take this herb. Ashwagandhahelps in relieving excess pre-cum by increasing the flow of blood to the penis region, decongesting the prostate, and strengthening the Parasympathetic nerves, conditions that contribute to excess pre-cum.

Treatment with Dietary Changes

Finally, incorporating dietary changes into your lifestyle can treat excessive pre-cum.  Patients should do away with very bitter and spicy foods. On the list of foods to consume in moderation are tea, tobacco, alcohol, and coffee. What should patients eat more of? Patients should up their intake of bottle gourd, curd, and fenugreek seeds with honey. Bottle gourd is known to enhance the effect of other herbs that are used to treat excessive pre-cum, while fenugreek seeds with honey restore equilibrium to your hormone level, which is crucial for the regulation of pre-cum.

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