Why Oil Is A Bad Lube For Condoms

Condoms and lubrication

Condoms and lubrication

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when using a condom to have sex with your partner is to use oil as a lubricant.

Some readers might be wondering why oil isn’t a good lubricant when it comes to the use of condoms considering the fact that oil is actually one of the best lubricants you can use. For example, during anal or vaginal sex, when oil or any oil-based lubricant such as petroleum jelly is smeared on the penis, it makes it very easy for the penis to smoothly move in and out of the vagina or anus.

If this is the case, then how can one say that oil is a bad lube for sex with the use of a condom?

The problem with using oil, petroleum jelly, or any oil-based lubricant is that it is not compatible with latex condom use.

Why oil is bad for condoms

Using oil or any oil-based lubricant as lubrication will simply cause a breakage in the condom. It is as simple as that. The reason why this happens is because of the fact that oil destroys rubber. When you rub oil on a latex condom, the oil gradually eats away at the condom, thereby damaging the condom and causing it to break. In addition to this, oil-based lubricants can also create tiny holes in the condom, thereby rendering it totally useless.

You should also remember that just as oil and oil-based lubricants shouldn’t be used on latex condoms, so also should they not be used on dental dams.

It is sad to know that some people are not aware of the fact that latex condoms and oil-based lubricants are not compatible. Sadly, in their ignorance, they go on and use these lubricants with condoms during sexual intercourse and suffer the consequences. The consequences might be unplanned pregnancies or exposing themselves to some sexually transmitted infection.

Is Vaseline compatible with condoms?

Since Vaseline is also oil-based, it can also easily cause a condom to break when it comes into contact with the condom. So it is risky to use vaseline as lubrication for condoms if your goal is to avoid pregnancy or protect yourself from a sexually transmitted infection.

When can oil-based lubricants be used during sex?

If you and your partner are both HIV-free or don’t have any infections or disease that can be sexually transmitted, and you want to go ahead and have sex without a condom, then you can use oil-based lubricants to reduce friction during penetration and make intercourse more pleasurable. Oil-based lubricants are meant to be used only by partners who do not need to use condoms during intercourse.

Even in this instance, some experts still advise against the use of oil-based lubes. According to them, oil and oil-based lubes, because of their nature, can get stuck in the anus or vagina and trap dirt and bacteria, thereby increasing one’s risk of developing an infection.

In addition to this, it is quite difficult washing off the oil after sexual intercourse.

What is the best lube for sex with condom?

The answer to the above question is a water-based lube. The reason why water-based lubricants are considered the best when it comes to condom use is because they do not damage condoms. They are totally safe to use with condoms.

There are so many great brands of water-based lubricants on the market but my favorite of all is the Yes Personal Lubricants Water Based Formula. The reason why many people love this product is simply because of the fact that it is so body-friendly that it can be used as both a lubricant for sexual intercourse and a vaginal moisturizer. On top of this, the lubricant contains only natural and organic ingredients.

This lubricant is particularly good for women who are prone to suffering from yeast infections since it contains no glycerin. It’s worth noting that water-based lubricants that contain glycerin feed yeast because of the sugar in the glycerin.

Also, because this lubricant is free of smell and taste, it makes sexual intercourse the more pleasurable since the parties involved in the activity are not distracted by any smell.

If you are going to be engaging in any sexual activity involving the use of a condom and lubrication, I personally recommend to you this lubricant or other great water-based lubricants such as the famous K-Y and Astroglide.

Condom safety tips

  • Never use condoms that have expired
  • Always keep condoms in cool and dry places
  • Use a lot of lubricant (water-based) with condoms in order to reduce friction and prevent the condom from tearing during penetration
  • Never used oil-based lubes such as olive oil, baby oil, petroleum jell, etc with latex condoms since these things can easily cause condoms to break
  • A male and a female condom shouldn’t be used at the same time since they can get stuck to each other and slip off
  • Male condoms tend to be more effective than female condoms
  • When putting the male condom on an erect penis, make sure that you squeeze the air out of the tip of the condom in order to allow room for semen when it is released
  • You should never reuse a condom
  • For each kind of sexual activity that you engage in, use a new condom (for example if you have used the condom to penetrate the anus of your partner and you want to switch to vaginal sex, then put on a new condom)

NOTE: Remember that oil-based lubricants weaken latex condoms and can easily cause them to break and become useless. You should therefore never use these lubricants with latex condoms or dental dams.

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